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    CCIE R&S Study Plan




      Does anyone have any good study plans/schedules for the CCIE. I know that it's based off each individual person, however, I want to get an idea of what others have done to find some success that I can make into my own.


      Thanks for the help!

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          Mark Holm - 3xCCIE #34763/CCDE #2016::20

          Are you going to follow a program from a training provider? If yes, which?

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            Steven Davidson

            I'm going through the Cisco 360 program and that one comes with a very detailed roadmap (ie, watch this, this and this then do this lab then watch some more and do this next lab, etc,).  Maybe INE has something similar.

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              Hi jmerlinc206,


              This is a high-level roadmap from Cisco Expert-Level Training (formerly Cisco 360) Suggested Learning Roadmap but while underlying content does not align with INE's, the gist of it applies to any vendor:

              1) study core technologies

              2) study advanced technologies

              3) work on putting it all together and work on speed, troubleshooting strategies, problem solving strategies, time management skills, etc.




              Cisco Expert-Level Training

              (formerly Cisco 360)

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                Kind of not really, he explains to learn the basics, lab the basics, learn the advanced topics, lab the advanced. There is just so much material I don't really know how to approach it all

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                  Steven Davidson

                  It's easy to get lost in it. You're definitely not alone.  All I can tell you is that I have enjoyed the 360 experience so far (still quite early in the process).  I understand that it's not for everyone and there's a sticker shock factor to it BUT you need to calculate opportunity cost when you evaluate the true cost of this pursuit.  I have seen many people spin their wheels on this track (including myself) and if avoiding the cost of the 360 Preferred Bundle (just as an example) saves you $5k in the near term but delays, by two years, the successful completion of your journey (and the potential salary/opportunities that come with it) did you really save money?  Or did you, in fact, pour tens of thousands of dollars down the drain in lost opportunity?  Everybody needs to make that calculation on their own but do not ignore opportunity cost.

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                    I agree that there is opportunity cost in terms of "potential income", but you have to understand that it isn't a one-size fits all. For example, a person might be working in a reasonable paying job in a country that has a weaker currency and not be able to afford the Cisco 360 bundle price in dollar terms. Other factors come into play such as, if a person has a young family to raise, hence possibility of more financial pressures.


                    If jmerlinc206 can comfortably afford the Cisco360 program, then by all means, he should spend the money. But if he can't, then he should use whatever good resource is available to him and tie in with the Roadmap that RimmaG presented. In the end, if you don't know the material thoroughly (both in knowledge and speed), you won't pass, no matter what learning resource you use.

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                      Doug Kenline

                      Have you got the CCENT?

                      Have you got the CCNA?

                      Have passed ROUTE?

                      Have you passed SWITCH?

                      Have you passed TSHOOT?

                      Have you passed WRITTEN?


                      How many years of directly related Cisco routing and switching experience do you have?



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                        Mark Holm - 3xCCIE #34763/CCDE #2016::20

                        There is a lot of topics to digest for sure. My suggestion is that you start out by assessing yourself based on the official blueprint. Depending on your preferred method, either start out with the topics you feel the least comfortable with, and then work from there, or start out with the topics you know and then get those done first (it can give you a boost in self-confidence doing it this way).

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                          John Perri

                          I always wonder the same thing about others. So much so that it sends my anxiety through the roof. "Do I have enough reference material?" "What if someone else has a better layout than me?" "What if I get a flat tire on the way to the exam?"


                          Everything runs through my head when it comes to studying time. I have redone my study plan at least a dozen times. It's quite obnoxious. First I was using Cisco's layout. Then I was basing it off the INE Expanded Blueprint. Then back to Cisco. Then I created a spreadsheet with all of the exam topics listed in one column. The row across the top mentioned every book and other piece of reference material I have. If it was books, I would put the associated pages for each topic. I redid the **** thing over and over until I finally realized it would take an exceedingly long time. Now I'm just taking a few topics at a time and listing the reference material for each. It has gone much faster that way.

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                            Steven Williams

                            Has anyone used a "training plan" other than the INE one? Seems to be the only one out there. I have a huge problem with like order of operation. I feel like I am all over the place all the time! Its very frustrating. Then when I go to work and have something there I need to be working with or learning then I move to that topic. So again all over the place! I feel like I need someone cracking the whip on me when I get out of order.

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                              Steven Davidson

                              Cisco 360 is a pretty comprehensive training plan.  They include a detailed roadmap that's a series of "do this, then this, then this".  Wash, rinse, repeat.

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                                Steven Williams

                                Is the quality of the product as good as something like INE?

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                                  Steven Williams

                                  Well it sure is expensive too. wow.

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