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    210-455 Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite Components


      Hi all,


      I have just started studying for the 210-455 exam and while I was on chapter 4 reading about the Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite and at the same time doing a bit of online research I realized two things I was hoping you can help me sort out:


      1. According to the 210-455 Official Certification Guide the Cisco Intercloud Fabric is a core component of ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite. However on 12 Oct 2016 Cisco announced the EoL for Intercloud Fabric (link) with the below Migration Option note:


      "Product Migration Options

      Customers with existing ICFB deployments should consider upgrading to Cisco CloudCenter. Please note that Cisco CloudCenter takes a different, application oriented approach to Hybrid Cloud and should not be considered a complete functional or direct replacement for Intercloud Fabric."


      Question: How does this affect the ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite? Is CloudCenter supposed to be used as a replacement for InterCloud Fabric? Or for the purposes of the exam we consider the ICF still part of the Suite (and not CloudCenter)?


      2. I have attached a pdf document showing diagrams of the Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite components taken from two different sources. The 1st is from the Official Cert Guide (published on 2017) and the 2nd from an older Cisco presentation I found online (created on 2015). As you can see the older presentation illustrates 3 additional components that do not exist on the Official Cert Guide and more specifically: Cisco UCS Performance Manager, Cisco Energy Management and Cisco CloudCenter!

      Question: Which one is valid for the exam? Is any of these three components really considered part of ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite today? And if yes, how can CloudCenter and InterCloud Fabric coexist if the former is a (not direct) replacement of the latter according to the EoL notes?