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    IT Project Manager Career Path


      Hi everyone,


      I'm new to the community and was wondering if you could give me some advise on my career path.


      I have a Bacheler's degree in IT but have been working in another field at management position for a personal reason.

      Although I use some IT knowledge/skills in my current position, it's not that technical.


      I really want to go back to the IT field and want to become a IT project manager eventually.

      I'm thinking of enrolling in a postgraduate course in IT project management in a few month time.


      I spoke to some people and was suggested to get a position in pre-sales or systems engineer to gain more knowledge.


      Are there any other positions that I can look into? What would be the best choice to make my dream come true eventually?


      I'm willing to get Cisco or other certifications as well if they are necessary.


      Your advise is greatly appreciated!




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          Hi VN


          Unfortunately IT Project Manager is one of those meaningless job titles which covers anything from ticking boxes and having a complex understanding of networking, data centres, business,  finance, law and general mangagement.


          Since you have an IT degree you have a basic understanding of IT. If you go the pre-sales route you could meet some customers and get a job with one of them.


          99% of project management is simply checking if people have done what they said they would do, checking things have arrived and looking out for forest fires. Unfortunately you only spot a forest fire once you have been burnt a couple of times.


          I think pre-sales is the best option because they are often commissioned based and so have a high turnover.


          I would not spend much money on training unless you need a PM qualification but buy some books so you can say the words.


          Regards Conwyn