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    Minimum pass score for CCNA SPNGN1


      Hi guys,

      how is the minimum pass score?



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          Hi Massimiliano,


          In regards to your question on information regarding passing scores for any Cisco certification exam.  Cisco does not publish exam passing scores because exam questions and passing scores are subject to change without notice.


          The passing score and the exact number of questions will be displayed on the screen at the beginning your exam. After completing an exam, candidates do receive an individualized score report including a score breakout by exam section for pinpointing areas of strength and weakness.


          I do know that you are automatically awarded 300 points for beginning the test and can score up to 1000 points if you answer every question correctly on the exam.

          However, as I mentioned above, Cisco does not publish exam passing scores. You can verify this information here:


          Scoring Cisco Certification Exams


          Also for further Cisco exams score information you can review what is available at the "Certification & Communities Online Support" page regarding "scoring" at the following link:


          Find Answers


          Finally for an overview of the exam including Exam Topics and further information you can check the following links:


          SPNGN1 Exam


          SPNGN1 Exam Topics


          SPNGN1 Study Material


          I hope this information is helpful for you.


          I wish you all the best in your certification journey. 




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            Peter McKenzie

            a bit more detail is that in my experience you need to score at least 820 out of the 1000 to pass most of these exams.