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    Where will it take me?

    Mark H

      Hi all,


      I was just looking for some info please.


      Im currently doing the 220-601 & 602 with the intent to do the CCNA starting roughly september.


      What i havent been able to find out yet is what sort of jobs i would actually be qualified for?


      I know experience makes a huge difference, so this would be for reference only.


      Can anyone shed some light on this please? Im based in the UK


      Cheers, Mark

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          Hi Mark


          CCNA really gives you a basic understanding of Cisco technology. It also proves you can study a technical subject. You might want to work for a networking company or a general company. Within a networking company you might do just Cisco or Cisco and others. When applying for jobs remember once you are on the inside you can always move so do not worry about the initial work there is nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty.


          Regards Conwyn

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            Mark H

            Thanks for the reply.


            Still trying to decide what to do.


            Currently out of work. Loving the course but dont want it to all be in vain. I spent over £3k trying to get work offshore, it was money well wasted.


            Hoping this will not go the same way.


            Regards, Mark

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              CCBOOTCAMP - CCIE

              I would suggest getting a little home lab setup with a few routers and switches. It will help in your learning process tremendously.


              As far as what doors the CCNA will open - should help you quite a bit vs. not having any Cisco certs.  But what also makes a big difference is your experience.  A combination of certs + experience goes a long way.


              Brad Ellis