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    TSHOOT Exam Topology

    Phil Vancil

      First, I am part of the exam development team.  Second, what am about to reveal is not part of some secret NDA.


      The new TSHOOT exam requires you to isolate issues on a defined network topology. The purpose of the exam is to evaluate troubleshooting skills, not how quickly you can grasp a network topology you have never seen. To this end, it is Cisco’s intent that the exam network topology be available for review before the candidate attempt the exam.


      However, the wheels seem to move slowly and the network topologies have not been posted on CLN.  Because of this I have authorized to make the topologies available through this discussion until they are officially posted.


      Attached is a PDF file that details the layer 2, IPv4 layer 3 and the IPv6 layer 3 topologies that are used in the exam. Please review them before you attempt the exam.  You don’t want to spend the first 15 minutes of the exam learning the topologies.

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          Hi Philip.


          Great post.  If you work for Cisco, you should post this in the CCNP portion of CLN as well if you haven't already.  I am sure that there are a lot of people that visit the CCNP certification area that never come to, or read the forums.  I am about to complete the CCNP on the 4 exam track, but I am sure this would be valuable information to future test takers.



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            Michael Law

            Thank you so much for this posting!!!! I am taking the beta tomorrow and this will certainly help!!





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              Bourbon, CCNP, CCIE Candidate

              Philip, or Doug, do you guys have any idea if this topology was made available to Cisco Press authors and incorporated into the exam books?


              Thanks so much,



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                thank you so much Phillip having this topology will make a really big difference in my prep as now i can focus my attention on just one topology instead of the nightmare of having a ccie like topology . Thanx again man you have been a really big help



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                  Kerry LeBlanc

                  Great that you should post this! Thank you. It should probably be added to the document section so that it can be archived.

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                    Hi Phillip

                    thanks alot for the pdf.


                    do you think the CCIE RS Troubleshooting part might share the same idea soon, about

                    "The purpose of the exam is to evaluate troubleshooting skills, not how quickly you can grasp a network topology you have never seen"


                    and Cisco might also share the troubleshooting section diagram of the CCIE RS lab before taking the Lab exam ?

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                      Interesting post!


                      Do the topologies look like they are missing a lot to do with BGP to anyone else? Im pretty sure they are not cutting that much BGP out.



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                        Man, I sure wish I had seen this topology diagram and the demo page(s) before taking the exam!  None the less, good of you to have it posted here...nice work!

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                          Firstoff, thank you for making this available.  I just went through the exam demo, & ...


                          It is AWSUM, no bugs when I went through them, the TT's are pretty easy, got all 4 without any issues & at the end able to ping web server successfully.(finished my CCNP Cert on the 30 July, so everything's still fresh).  I want to be a ****** for ********** and do the TSHOOT exam anyways.


                          A disadvantage of the format is to the extent of it not being life-like enough whereby the answer is still given to you and you are not allowed to edit the configuration yourself as in the original exam LabSims, cos that's what makes it exciting after all!!!!


                          Only problem I really have is the space limitations, you are given a limited work area to work with and cannot expand to full screen at all - which would allow one to have multiple router window instances alongside each other for ease of reference.  I hope the exam itself is not exactly like this as far as the space constraints are concerned.  I found this somewhat limiting in the exam LabSims as well, somewhat irritating & frustrating.  Any way one can raise this with Cisco?


                          Otherwise, I'm excited about this exam as it will allow me to put into practice all the studying done to get my CCNP before 31 July deadline   CANT WAIT!!!

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                            Philip Vancil


                            It is my understanding that VUE test centers at Cisco Live, RDP NC, and Bay Area offer 22 or 24" LCD screens in exam stations. Also in a Cisco Exam I did not find a way to leave exam feedback or exam engine or question feedback at the time of the exam. Other vendors allow this feedback.


                            All local VUE centers that I have used have a 15" CRT with a slow 10 year old clone PC of unknown quality.



                            What is your opinion on giving these complex timed exams a wide screen LCD (they now only cost $99 or $125 ea and much less in bulk) that would allow HDTV 1080i display resolution of 1920 by 1680 pixels?


                            Hypothetically in a complex exam with many moving parts to a question and rather complex choices, many CLI telnet sessions to a router or switch, plus many other IP exhibts, and many visio diagrams that all cover up the question when you need to do or review some data.  There also may be a problem statement to read a few times.


                            Why not place the exam question on one half of a screen and the exhibits on the other half so the question is always visible?



                            If not you who would be in charge in this area?






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                              Thanks for making these available! The diagrams (which can also be helpful while practicing for the Routing exam - Redistribution and EIGRP/OSPF/BGP, etc.) and the Trouble Tickets strategy from CCNPguide. com is making me feel pretty good and ready.


                              The testing center might make a big difference as far as the display of the test, I think? ... I took the CCNA at E-tech (or something like that) in Houston and was put off by how small/hard to read certain screens were (especially annoying, since it was my first Cisco test and, as they say, the 1 test version feels like you're pressed for time as it is, which I tend to agree with.) I was relieved when I took the CCNP SWITCH and it was easy to read and font wasn't too small at all, it was a much more pleasant experience where I could actually relax/focus on the content of the test and not struggle to read the screens. (Not sure if it is because it was a different test, but I took the SWITCH exam at the KAF education center, Afghanistan).

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                                Hey Phil,

                                I am trying to take the TSHOOT EXAM next month, is this PDF of Topology still current?

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                                  Great resource thanks for posting!  I added a post to my blog linking to this discussion as I'm sure many would appreciate this.



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                                    Could you please let me know if all commands are working in the exam .

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