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    Passed CCNA registered for CCSP ?


      I've been studying very hard for the CCNA Security Cert because I thought I had to pass this before going for CCSP. Is this not the case ?


      - Michael Tompkins


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          Rigo - Community Moderator

          Hi Michael,


          Currently, there are two pre-requisite options for the CCSP certification.


          1) CCNA Security certification will fulfill the CCSP pre-requisite requirement.

          2) If you already have a valid CCNA certification + valid SND exam, then this will also fulfill the CCSP pre-requisite requirement (Note: The SND exam was retired on 17-Nov-2008 and is no longer available. However, it is still valid for exactly 3 years for the individuals who passed it before its retired date)


          Also, having a valid CCIE certification can act as a pre-requisite for the CCSP.


          For more information about the CCSP certification, please visit www.cisco.com/go/ccsp




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