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    unable to run the ASAv image in VIRL, freezing my computer, all other works good


      Hello All,


      I've recently purchased VIRL and all is working good when I run the router and switch images.  I've been able to create 20 node simulations with no hiccups. 


      Running 16GB RAM, 8core processor. 


      When I run JUST 1 ASAv image, VIRL just completely freezes. not just VIRL, but my whole computer gets locked up.  Pretty much the computer is useless . System monitor pegs the CPU at 40%, and RAM at 9GB usage, for ONE ASAv image?  Am I doing something wrong?


      When the simulation is going, the node is in ACTIVE-UNREACHABLE state.


      Any feedback is welcome, as I want to practice doing ASA configurations for my security exams.


      Thanks in advance.