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    CCNA Start to Finish "Group"


      Looking to create a small Group of motivated individuals who want tackle CCNA. I not only want to “PASS” the CCNA, I want to Understand the contents with confidence. Therefore, tackling more advance Cisco Certifications. With a Group, we can put each other to the test, as well as building future relations as Network professionals. With a well-developed study course, which we commit to I believe we can accomplish more than just the CCNA. If you’re as eager as I am, please feel free to comment and share your intentions and expectations.


      Work Schedule:                          Time zone:

      8:30AM - 5:00PM ( Mon-Fri )       ALL OVER !





      Group chat:

      Google Hangouts

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          I went to college like you and studied really hard. I always wanted to join a group. I recently tried the exam but missed by 10 points! Well, I am a derp! I'm studying my weak parts with actual equipment (3560 switches and 1841 routers). I think I finally have everything hardware wise. What I usually do is read through a chapter and make it work in a lab. After I figure out how it works, I usually share it on Youtube. It helps me to remember it because I have to explain it!!


          I work full-time in I.T. so no promises. XD


          Let's derp all the bits! Bring it on bro!



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            I work full time in IT as well, that's when I realize I want to exceed and not get stuck in the same role for like  5 years. Therefore that's where learning new Skills come into play. I have access to Cisco packet Tracer and i also know how to use GNS3 ( free emulator ). packet tracer should go well with your ( real equipment ) so there should be no complications with that. If we can commit to a learning plan, this should be fun and not as stressful as learning alone. Than who knows the same group can tackle new skills later after CCNA.

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              Hi Steven,


              Yes, packet tracer will take you a long way, but it isn't enough anymore. Some of the new topics don't work in PT ( PPPoE, SNMPv3, ETC).

              I tried GNS3, but I just didn't have the PC power at the time.


              Right now I'm poking the SNMPv3 bear! And I can tell you it's angry! #TheStruggleIsReal


              I'm not sure where you want to start, but I'm just plugging away on my weak topics. Maybe we can share each other's weaknesses and see if we can whip each other into shape!! XD

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                Hmm, I have a really powerful set up. If anything you can remote into my machine as we take on labs together. I want to start from simple labs and work all the way to to most complex ones. What study material do you have in mind? Also i will update my original post with my Work Schedule as well as weekend availability so everyone can pitch in the best time to get together ( virtually lol ).

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                  Hi Steven,


                  Thanks for replying back to my post. I am definitely interested. My work hours varies from month month with April being Mon-Fri, so I will be off weekends. I primarily work from home, so I am going to make studying a priority whenever I am "off the clock". My email address is realnelsonaquino@gmail.com.

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                    A solid study plan needs to be created that suits everyone needs. Such what study materials we all can follow. and than we can pick days where we all can log into a computer and practice labs together in real time. This way no one misses out and we actually interact with each other.


                    There is so many study options out there, i am very open to all. However i Cisco offers in there $11 a month premium videos and labs i believe.

                    What do you guys believe would be the best method ?


                    *Once we have a group we can all join a group chat on skype or Google Hangouts so communicating is faster.

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                      I think we should begin with setting up a group chat so communication is more efficient, from there we can begin constructing a study plan. I was thinking of dedicating 1-2 weeks per "Part"  in the ICND1 book, but it's still too early to accurately determine how much time I will actually need. By getting the group chat started early, we can communicate on how we are progressing as well as asking and answering questions. We also have to keep in mind that we all learn at different paces, have different personal lives, etc; so it might be difficult coming up with a unified study plan.

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                          Hi, I'm an undergrad student and I have just recently reached the realization that this is the field for me. I am planning on taking my ccna in the summers hopefully. Been studying quite a lot recently, but packet tracer is my only tool for practice as I have no real equipment. I am very interested in joining this study group and learning together and I honestly can't wait for you guys to start.


                          Count me in.



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                            Hi, I would like to join your study sessions, I believe I could greatly benefit form study group...I don't think this is an interview but I may need provide you background on my experience...I had a CCNA 2000 and a CCNP 2003 of course both cert have expired I have worked as a LAN admin several years ago.However I am in the IT field as a technician for a major RR...I would like to recertify.....     



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                              You are officially the go to person of the group hahah! By any chance do you have google hangouts or skype ?

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                                Packet Tracer is all you ( we ) will need. !  Do you have Skype or google hangouts?

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                                  I don't really use any of those but I'll get set up once you people decide what platform you're gonna use for our study session

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                                    Hello all,


                                    My name is Flavius and i like ideea to work as a group to make labs and to understand better all concepts to pass with success CCNA exam. I finish one week ago CCNA module 2 and i need to take ICND 1 exam, before ICND 1 exam i want to refresh my memory with all what i learned in module 1 & 2. My native language are not english and i have some problems in communications in english but I will make efforts to learn to speak english. If you are accepting me, I will be happy to participate to live labs with you all but I think there is a problem, Timezone for me it is Eastern European Time GMT +2.

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