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      HI ,






      I have followed  everything step by step  as per the link below 






      Still getting this error



      There are images required by topology, but not available to STD: "




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          Karlo Bobiles

          Greetings sims,


          Prior to running the simulation, have you tried downloading the node sub-types intoVM Maestro:


          You must download all of the node sub-types available on the VIRL host to VM Maestro:


          Select from the menu 'File', then 'Preferences', then 'Node Subtypes'.

          Select 'Restore Defaults', then 'OK', then 'Apply'.

          Select 'Fetch from Server', then 'OK'.

          Select 'OK' to finish.

          Do these steps anytime new sub-types are added to your VIRL host.


          Reference: http://virl-dev-innovate.cisco.com/index.php


          Let me know how it goes...




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            I too followed the article but Windows 7 installation hangs on first boot. Is it a permissions problem? I'm logged in as virl/VIRL, ran the following command to create the image "sudo qemu-img create -f qcow2 ws7-SP1.qcow2 20G".


            Windows is just hanging on first boot and not going any further. I'm not even getting the screen where I can load the disk drivers. Need someone's help with this. Thanks.

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              alejo-VIRL Support

              Hello hmc25, please provide details pertaining your VIRL deployment to include available resources, versions etc. Also, make sure that your system where VIRL is running on is not having problems with disk IO, memory availability, CPU load.

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                I've used the VIRL virl.1.2.83.esxi.ova to setup the host. I gave it 32GB of RAM, 8 vCPU's and 100Gb of disk space. I also enabled the ram disk. I did a health check in the VIRL console and there were no issues. As far as the Windows 7 guest I've setup the disk image with 2GB of RAM, 2vCPU's and a 30GB disk size. I wonder if this is a problem with permissions. I login with virl/VIRL through ssh and create the guest from the command line using the same credentials. I run virtual manager with the same credentials to install Windows on the guest VM. Not sure if I'm missing something.

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                  Just found out it was the VGA settings I had to change to CIRRUS. Is this not documented? Do you guys have any documentation how to add Windows 7 subtypes in virl.1.2.83? It's not clear from the "Windows 7 image creation" document how to actually create it.