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    Catalyst 6500 XENPAK to Nexus 5000 connectivity




      I have a Cat 6500 with 4 port 10GE XENPAK and I am getting a Nexus 5010 soon. I am exploring the options for connecting the Nexus 5000 to Cat6500. Since the Nexus 5000 supports only SFP+ transceiver for 10GE connections, I would like to know, if a convertor module for XENPAK exists ( like oneX convertor for X2 to SFP+ ). If no such convertor option is available, can I buy a XENPAK SR Transciever ( XENPAK-10GB-SR ) for Cat 6500 and connect that to Nexus SFP+ ( SFP-10GB-SR ) transceiver. Since Nexus has optical interoperability with XENPAK, I suppose the 10GE link should work. Please comment. Thanks.