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    What is the best OSPF for BGP

    Bakker F.Ghanayem  Dual CCIE Rns & SP #27372



        We planning to design network for our enterprise, I dont know what is the best for protocol BGP or OSPF.


        My suggestion to use both like below details...


        R1-------EBGP-----------R2----------------With All Network- OSPF.

      And redistribure the OSPF to BGP




      R1 --------EBGP------------R2--------------With All network IBGP and for end users OSFP...


      And redistribute the IBGP with OSPF and generate default route from R2.




      Bakker F.Ghanayem

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          Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

          Not nearly enough information to answer.


          How many routers?  What kinda stuff are you doing?   How many routes?   Anything "odd" in the traffic/types being carried?


          Any design should revolve around keeping it simple.  Will OSPF meet your needs?  If so, I'd start there.




          PS.  You double posted this.

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            Bakker F.Ghanayem  Dual CCIE Rns & SP #27372



            I have around 30 remote routers. And th application used by remote sites its our company remote sales branch so the applicaion( Voice, Billing System, Citrix...etc)


              First why I ask for EBGP because there is firewall between R1 and R2 and security team they dont wan to run any dynamic route.


            R1----- PIX-------R2...


              So its very hard to creat around 300 static route an prefix....etc


              So I said run EBGP between R1 and R2 and ask security Team to open the port 179 TCP.



            The connection after R2 witch is going to remote sites ( May is Wimax / Laser / E1 / GPON Fiber...etc) I will use OSPF and reditrbute back to BGP.



            But someone said no need for BGP and we can run OSPF for all th desig.


            I want to know the faster more stable....etc.