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    Cisco Cybersecurity Scholarship


      Hi All,

      Does anyone receive update on the Cisco Cyber security Scholarship program. The last email I received was in early September that stated that my result and others are being reviewed and that Cisco will contact me by October ending based on my Test result and,........ October ending has actually passed and did not hear from them.


      Please, I will really appreciate if anyone with update that can let me know.



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          I received an update early last week. I was asked to fill out a short questionnaire form about my certifications, experience, and how much time I would be willing to give to learning during the course. I was told I would receive information on my scholarship amount by November 14.

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            Rigo - Community Moderator

            Hi Daniel,


            The final step qualification email was only sent to applicants who ranked higher in the technical assessment. If you did not receive the final step qualification email in late October, it means that you did not qualify to proceed onto the final step and unfortunately, not accepted into the scholarship program.


            As Terry mentioned, the applicants who received the final step email were required to submit the questionnaire by Oct 31 and would hear back by mid-November with news indicating if they were accepted in the scholarship program or not.


            Good luck on your certification endeavors!




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              Hello Rigo,

              I had received the 'final step' email and submitted the questionnaire, but have not heard anything back.  I assume I was not selected for the program?



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                Rigo - Community Moderator

                Hi Chris,


                Actually, the scholarship team is working on accepting even more individuals into the scholarship program.


                Due to the high volume of engagement with the scholarship program, a decision has been made to expand the number of individuals who will be accepted into the program for this round. As a result, we will be temporarily holding off on any further emails regarding acceptance and/or non-acceptance. The extended time will allow the scholarship team to review a significant amount of additional finalists (those that completed the final step form) for acceptance into the program.

                We do not have an exact date as to when the notifications will be sent but it should happen by or before December 9. We know the anticipation is very high and if we receive any additional news/updates, we’ll be sure to notify you all. Please stay tuned for the email communication within the next several days.


                Thank you very much!




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