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    Cisco dcloud Labs for CCIE Data Center

    Omer Ali

      Hey guys

              I am currently preparing for CCIE DC v2 Lab exam and my main focus is on Cisco ACI and SDN. I know that there might be many individuals like me who are not directly working in a data center environment or to put it precisely, do not have access to N7k, N9k, UCSs etc.

         Now, keeping that in mind and going through the V2 exam blueprint, it is pretty clear that around 50% of content revolves around ACI, SDN and evolving technologies.


      I know that keen CCIE aspirants spend a lot of money building racks at home and practicing the stuff inside out, but, I believe we cannot do that when it comes to Data Center. Let's face it, who can afford N5k, N7k, N9k and UCS servers to build home lab? and even if someone comes up with that kind of money, it makes no sense at all to do so.


      Also, many network engineers are/have been working in data center environments but their infrastructure is still far away from upgrading to APICs and have automation and orchestration implemented in production environment.


      Having said all that, I believe that you must follow what I am trying to point out here. How are we going to have the resources to actually learn and implement the technologies and prepare for the lab exam.


      I recently started doing dcloud labs from cisco and they are brilliant. One can have a basic understanding of the ACI fabric, and then one can actually go through all those 10 labs and pretty much cover ACI, APIC, automation and orchestration from exam's point of view.


         But, my biggest worry is the fixed topology and the tight time schedule to perform the exactly set pre-defined scenarios as per the guideline. Am I missing something? Am i doing something wrong here?


      Is there any way to have a topology built up from scratch so that we can build, configure the fabric itself and then configure and implement all these new technologies?


      I hope that someone will point me to the right direction