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    Opinions on IMINS2 E-Learning Course


      Posted this as a reply and thought I'd make it it's own post.


      I would like to know others opinions (if there are any out there ) on the IMINS2 E-Learning. I am currently working my way through it and it has been a very poor experience for me so far. This is the first E-Learning I've used but from reading about the other courses it does not seem to match the quality of the others. There are no sims to practice configurations and only small quiz's (normally 7 questions) after each section that have very simple questions that don't seem like they will match the difficulty of the actual test. I feel like this should almost be treated like a beta course that is released for free and uses the users to help edit the product into something more polished and worth the $350. This would also bring more users to the IMINS2, which is severely lacking in users as seen by the groups very small number of postings and other general support.


      There's a ton of potential in the market for what the IMINS2 is focusing on (bringing network connectivity to the plant floor) but there aren't a lot of people who are aware of it and a course with only one $350 dollar resource made for it (literally nothing else out there for it) and no word of mouth or info on the benefits of getting the cert is a gamble many people aren't willing to spend $350 on.


      Take this all with a grain of salt as I have not attempted the IMINS2 test yet so I do not know how the test stacks up against what the E-Learning content is. I'll give a fuller review after I have attempted the test in September.

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          Don't feel bad I took the three thousand dollar course, with travel probably 6k and it was pretty bad too. I've been following this crazy method on the link below of just reading everything under the sun and... I'm taking the test tomorrow hope I pass! 95% fail rate is what I heard on this exam, that just shows you right there that there isn't good information.


          CCNA industrial passed (TOPIC NOT OFFICIAL)

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            I feel you, I read your post about the course as well and was happy I just went with the E-Learning, I can't imagine trying to cover it in a 5 day course... I read through DD's post as well and it just seems like such a barrage of information. I'm pretty awful at straight memorization so his method has not been working very well for me, I need hands on and application of knowledge to really learn it. Really wish there was at least practice tests that are on par with the test so we could figure out what we actually need to study. I'll be attempting it to get a feel for the test next month, not much hope.


            Do you need the cert for your job? Anyways, let me know how it goes for you and good luck!

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              I just passed the test first try!! It was very difficult and I honestly about question 40 I was pretty sure I failed.


              There were no surprises about what they expect you to know, its all on the exam topics but some things they went in my opinion too granular on.


              Having a CCNA R&S was a huge help.


              I don't want to give any particular information on which parts I felt I could have done better on because that is going to be different for everyone.


              This is what I did to study.


              Read the CPwE < I know its long but do it.


              Then go through the exam topics line by line and be honest with yourself, if there is anything that you can't talk to someone about read the full write up on it.


              No I don't need the cert for my job I just feel like it gives me credibility to an engineering department that in the past has been reluctant to have anyone but contractors build the ICS IT infrastructure.


              Best of luck to anyone attempting the Exam let me know if you all have questions.

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                Congrats! I'll be attempting it in a week or two. I've yet to read through the whole CPwE but have looked up information in it to answer specific blueprint questions. I know this question is kind of rigged but would you say the CPwE is the best document overall to read for the IMINS2? Just trying to figure out the best resources to focus on that will help me the most (best bang for the time essentially).

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                  Thanks man,


                  As for the best document to read overall if I only had one document it would be the CPwE. But in reality my CCNA Industrial study folder is 40 documents deep.


                  CPwE Idenity Services White paper and Design Guide

                  CPwE IDMZ White paper and design guide

                  CPwE REP Design Guide

                  CPwE WLAN Design Guide

                  EtherNet/IP developers Guide



                  you see I pretty much did what DD did... Focus on the things you don't know Industrial technologies the big ones are EtherNet/IP and Profinet.


                  Sucks but without a clear study guide thats what we have.



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                    Just out of curiosity do you know what number you are (don't remember if you can or can't tell on the certificate). I'd like to know how many people have passed it so far.

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                      shooteur, CCDE, CCIE

                      Thanks for highlighting the CPwE documents as resources