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    Subnet router anycast address


      So I've been trolling the Cisco forms and haven't round a suitable answer. While I was reading the new Cisco press books I found a lot a talk about these anycast addresses.


      So my question is what address is an anycast address? I know you can make any address into one by using the anycast parameter after IP address command.


      So I'll take an example from the press book. The author seems to use every subnet except for the 0000 subnet, the fourth quartet. Is that the subnet anycast address? (p.699)







      page 699.PNG







      To make it more confusing, It exists in every subnet. Which address is that? (p.723) It is when the interface ID are all zeros?

      So 2001:0db8:1111:AAAA:0000:0000:0000:0000 is the anycast address for the subnet AAAA? Give it to me straight man! XD

      page 723.PNG