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    CCIE Study in Storage Networking




      I am new to this site.  I am interested to know about CCIE in Storage networking.  If you guys can recommend books, boot camp places or anything related to that course so I'd highly appreciate it.



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          Darby Weaver

          Firefly has a SAN course that is nearly 100% of what you can expect in a CCIE SAN course.


          I've got like 3 manuals from the course and it covers most if not all of what I paid a grand for from another workbook.


          Granted the CCIE Workbook covers more grand.


          I also bought a copy of 2 versions of SAN Fundamentals for light reading and then I bought the SAN MDS Cookbook.


          I dug up and bought a book on Fiber Channel as a technology.  There's lots of free resources from IBM and others on this subject - Redbooks are great.


          Then  bought my out-dated lab - but it is functional with a 9506 with dual sups, 4 9216's with all the mods, and 6 JJBODs for extra fun.  Seemed such a waste for so many ports.  The PAA-2, Dual FC HBA NICs and a few servers topped it off.

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            Atif Khan

            Hi Darby, Have any progress on your lab ? I am planning on setting up a lab as well for practice. Can you suggest what devices, mods to buy to cover most (if not all) of the actual lab setup, and what an estimate price will be ? Thanks, ATIF