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      Please introduce yourself, and let us know why you're pursuing your certification.

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          Erik Vangrunderbeek

          Welcome to the CCIE Study Group! You will find out you are not the only one pursuing the CCIE Wireless certification.
          This might be the perfect place to ask questions and share your expertise with people that have the same goal as you; getting CCIE Wireless certified.

          I am looking forward to your participation.


          Erik Vangrunderbeek (moderator)

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            Oliver Jiang

            Hi, all.


            I have taken up the challenge to tackle the CCIE Wireless certification.  Happy to see that there is already a study group in place.  Hopefully, we can all benefit from sharing our learning experiences.


            Happy studying!!!



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              Alejandro Cortes


              My name is Alejandro, I`ve worked in some wireless projects deplyment different escenarios for some years, now I think is time for looking the CCIE Wireless Certification. I just finish reading the book "Deploying and Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers" it is really an excelent material next step is to look for the implemententation and administration guides.


              Is any additional study material that you can recomment me?

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                Hi there

                My name is Kasper and come from Denmark. Have been working with wireless for the last 10 years.

                Got the AWLANFE and CCNP-Wireless, so think is time for a new goal.


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                  Pete Nugent

                  Hi Kasper


                  I will be studying the CCIE Wireless but have to complete my CCNP first, my goal is earlyy next year for the CCIE.


                  I was wondering what you used as study materials for the CCNP and any lab you may have or used.


                  Also what other certs you currently hold.


                  I have just completed my AWLANFE and CCNA Wireless with about 5 years experience. Only took the CCNA so I could do the CCNP.


                  Currently doing CCNP R&S and Wireless will have them by the end of thisyear and then may do the CCIE Wireless written before the year end and focus on the lab in 2011.

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                    Hi there


                    I'm Jim,


                    Passed the CCIE wireless written last May (after initially failing the Beta).


                    Still waiting for some study material and Lab scenarios from IPexpert, CCbootcamp etc.


                    CCbootcamp are looking to run a CCIE wireless bootcamp in the UK in October.


                    See if I can get funding for that ;-)

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                      Pete Nugent

                      Hi Jim


                      October might be a little early for me? Need to get some lab kit and practice some of the weirder stuff.


                      Jim have you done the CCNP, I may just go and sit the written after I do the CCNP then I put some pressure on myself to pass.

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                        Thomas Perrier

                        jim.armstrong wrote:



                        Still waiting for some study material and Lab scenarios from IPexpert, CCbootcamp etc.


                        CCbootcamp are looking to run a CCIE wireless bootcamp in the UK in October.


                        See if I can get funding for that ;-)


                        Fast Lane already provides a bootcamp and workbook:



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                          Pete Nugent



                          They also have a bootcamp in June.


                          I need to get access to a WiSM and location appliance, probably the hardest so will rent racks later in the year




                          If Jerome Henry is taking the bootcamp itwill be a good one.

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                            Darby Weaver CCDP/CCNP x8

                            I'm not sure how qualified to say I am as an active study group member just yet.


                            1. I own all the Cisco Courseware for Wireless mostly to date (except maybe the very newest).


                            2. I own a decent Wireless Lab but it is not quite up to the latest code.


                            3. I work on a Cisco Powered Wireless Enterprise Network - meaning WCS, 4402/4404/WiSM, and a lots of APs (several hundred and there are more coming).


                            4. I've deployed or had to troubleshoot or had to replace the three WLCs that are in my backyard and I'm replacing two more.


                            5. I've done a couple of informal Wiress Site Surveys, had well over 30+ done over several years, had to troubleshoot rogues and interference issues in both indoors and outdoors contexts.


                            6. I've been certified as a Cisco AWLANSE/FE/AM since about 2001 or so.


                            7. I think I own the whole Cisco Press Library.


                            8. I'm just now going to take the CCNA Wireless certification exam.  Any day now.


                            9. I'm concurrently studying the CWNA and hope to complete up to the CWNA.


                            10. I am a Sniffer Certified Professional with a certification in Wireless Protocol Analysis.


                            11. I'm certfified as CCxP with NP, DP, SP, and VP and I think each of those should add some value to the prep work required to pass the CCIE Wireless Lab.



                            One of my former co-worker is sitting her CCIE Wireless Lab for the second time tomorrow as luck might have it.


                            Wishing her all the best!



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                              Hi Jim


                              The ccbootcamp with GK  Wireless Lab in the UK on September 13th has been cancelled. FastLane are running one in in Windsor UK on 4th October and it is less expensive. They indicated one more student is required  to run the course. They take Ciso Learning Credits.


                              Regards Conwyn

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                                Hi Conwyn


                                I'm booked on the 4th already with fast-lane. We will need an additional recruit!





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                                  Hi Jim


                                  I am booked on it and I have received confirmation they are running it. I wonder who the other four are?


                                  I am still reading the books. It is a pity Controller-Based Wireless LAN Fundamentals has slipped to Oct 21st.


                                  I have not used FastLane before so it should be interesting.


                                  Regards Conwyn



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                                    Dominic Stalder

                                    Hi everybody


                                    my name is Dominic and I'm from Switzerland. I finished my studies in march and I am looking forward for a new goal - the CCIE Wireless. I just passed the written exam, made the CCNP R&S and Wireless and now I am reading the following books as a prepreparation for the lab stuff:


                                    - Cisco LAN Switching Fundamentals

                                    - Routing TCP/IP

                                    - Deploying and Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers

                                    - Cisco Wireless LAN Security

                                    - Deploying Voice over Wireless LAN

                                    - (all from Cisco Press)


                                    Are there any other important books / guides (except all the configuration guides ;-))?


                                    I also ordered the LAB workbooks (Vol 1 and 2) from ipexepert and the workbook (Vol 1) from Fastlane. Furthermore I planned to go to the Fastlane bootcamp next year.


                                    Best regards


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