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    New Blueprints


      Anyone else see on the home page the new blueprints for the design and arch exams?  This comes at a bad time for me as I'm 80% in of the CCDA blueprint.  I'll have to hurry up and finish before the exam blueprints change.  I don't see any updated study material for the new blueprints either.

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          I am in the same boat Rickey.  It is a very bad time indeed as I have been pursuing the CCDA, although very very slowly


          I have tried to revive the CCDA study group that Travis started, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of interest.  If you are up for some online studying, I'd be willing!  I really need to hit it hard because I really want to get this done and go on to CCDP so I can renew my CCNP.


          I am just going to have to step it up and take the test before Nov 8th.  The CCDP is my over all goal and now I am wondering when or if that will have a change as well.  The only thing I don't like about this change is that there didn't seem to be too much notice.  Typically, there is a good 6 month window to adjust to these types of changes, but we certainly didn't get 6 months in this situation.






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            Jared, I'm in the EXACT same boat.  I need CCDP to recertify my CCNP by 03/2012 so I have some time.  But yeah, I might have to hurry up and get CCDA done before the change.  I'm wondering why they didn't give us the length of time they normally do.  Maybe since it's same blueprint with minor revision?  It looks like they just took away a few minor topics and added some, but that could still fail you.  If I don't get my CCDA before the deadline, I'm hoping cisco press releases an update to the books via online or something.  We might have to pursue this online studying thing to get it done quicker.

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              I think the main thing to consider is that this is an incremental update (2.0 to 2.1), so at least 80% or more of the questions will be the same.  So if you're close to being ready, try to get it knocked out by the end of next month.  But if you don't make it, just know that a good deal of what you've already studied is still very applicable.  In a nutshell, the main changes are dropping the SONA architecture (which Cisco has been moving away from for some time), and adding enterprise virtualization tools topic (i.e. deploying VRF-Lite and knowing the difference between end-to-end and tunnel-based deployments).  The other changes are minor updates (such as adding Video to high-level Voice architectures).  I've attached a document that highlights where the changes are, so hopefully that will help. 

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                Trying attachment again...

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                  When I did CCNP, I actually started with the old BSCI and then the new BSCI came out and it added multicasting and more IPv6 stuff, but I still used my old study material and considered that a "minor" revision.


                  I am up for any kind of study colaboration you want to do on CLN.  I have the global knowledge material and I am on my second read through.  I don't have any practice questions except that which is on CLN.  For the most part, it doesn't seem too bad.  Having had the CCNP first has actually made it easier, I think.

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                    What helped me a lot on my CCDA (which wasn't so much under teh gun to get done before they changed the nature of the CCDA and associated exam) were the Official Exam Cert Guide, with its practice questions (yes, these were somewhat flawed, but working through the errors was a useful exercise), the Boson practice questions, Transcender's practice questions, and, oddly enough, Transcender's flash cards.  I say "oddly enough" because I'd heard lots of negative things about flash cards generally, but Transcender's were helpful to me.


                    Eric Hines

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                      What does Global Knowledge have to offer on it?  The only resource I am using is the exam certification guide, but I too agree that it's pretty simple havinng gone through the CCNP stuff already as well.

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                        I don't have any Cisco Press books so I really can't make a comparison.  I have the global knowledge CDs that has videos with a presenter who is less than exciting  It does come with a manual and serveral review questions.  If I can get motivated and kick it into high gear, I think we can get it before Nov 8th.


                        I think a good approach would be to have discussions by topic or group of topics that would be similar to the current blueprint (not the new one) and then go from there.  I have tried to in the past but there has been a lack of interest and participation.  The last one I posted was about IP design and addressing and such.


                        Is there a specific subject you are studying, reviewing or learning that you would like to cover?  If not, I would like to continue the IP discussion and then go from there.

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                          I too am pursuing my CCDA before the change.  I have already started.   Though due to time constraints, the most I'll be able to do is follow  the the thread, and post once in a while but it would be nice to have a good thread to follow...


                          Also, just picked up the ARCH book 2nd edition, to compare with the CCDA topics and see how far deep it goes for the CCDP.

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                            Jared,  I don't want to sound arrogant or anything, but really the only topic(s) or chapters that are above my head are the security chapters and IPv6.  Mainly due to security having so many products and IPv6 not really even thinking about it anywhere right now.  But I'd love discussing topics or what have you.  I'll be out of town starting friday, so you might not get a ton of information from me in the next few days, but I'll be reading a ton more a lot faster so I can meet this deadline.

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                              Of course, I'm sure I could use more communication on the other topics.  Reading something and understanding is completely different than being able to regurgitate it back towards someone else.

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                                Brian Jonson

                                I passed the CCDA in April and let me tell you, I'm glad SONA is being removed.  I think it is advantageous for those of you taking the new version.  SONA took me awhile to grasp and it was definitely on the exam.  I think this is a good thing.

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                                  I am new to this study group but have been studying the CCDA since the beginning of this year (2010). I must be doing something wrong! I have taken the exam three times and haven't been able to pass. But I am NOT given up until I get that passing score. This is my dilemma. Although I have over 10 years experience as a Sales Engineer and 20+ in the industry, it has basically been all paper experience. Additionally, the CCDA, in my humble opinion, is twice as difficult, if not more, than the CCNA. Each time, it seems that I am about 6-7 questions away from passing. That's if each question is roughly about 15 point each.


                                  One of my problems, I believe, is that I don't manage a network; therefore, wireless, voice (VoIP and IP Telephony), and security subjects are all basically new to me. My customers come to me to purchase bandwidth. Some ISDN voice but a lot of SONET bandwidth all over the world. But don't get me wrong, the CCDA training has helped me tremendously!!!! I used to talk in terms of just the network, or the CLOUD. Now it's end-to-end including the customer's equipment. I am providing my customers with more solid solutions to include asking them about their applications and security issues. Some of the time with a bunch of deer-like stares. All they mostly know about is bandwidth.


                                  So if anyone can share their wireless, VoIP/IP Telephony, and security experience, that will be very helpful to me. Please no cream puff experience (smile). If that were the case, I would have passed the CCDA exam the first go round (smile). My previous scores, subject percentages (smile), have been lopsided with a couple of topics 100% and a sprinkle of high 90s but with the aforementioned topics, wireless, voice, and security, in the DUMPS! Note: I even know the voice compression calculations like the back of my hand.





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                                    Brian Jonson



                                    I understand completely.  I'm a sales engineer with a service provider and never touch Cisco equipment.  I passed the CCNA in April of 2007 and passed the CCDA in April of this year.  In both cases I had to take the exam more than once.  And, like you, I thought the CCDA was significantly harder than the CCNA.  I never want to sit for this test again!


                                    I wish I could help you more directly, but perhaps just knowing there is someone out there who understands will be helpful!


                                    Keep going - it is passable.



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