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    CCSP Vs Unified Compute


      Hi friends,


      I am Saravanan, I done CCNA three years back after then i planned to start security line. So i completed certification SND and studied SNAA also.

      Now I heard Unified Computing and Datacenter technologies as boom in the current and future market.


      Please suggest me, which is the best option to go either CCSP then CCIE Security or CCDA, Datacenter then Unified Design/Support.





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          Security and Unified Computing are both excellent paths.  There will always be a need and push for better security as technologies continue to evolve.  Unified Computing encompasses so many different technologies that virtualization in the data center and network will continue to be driving technologies for many years to come.  I guess it really boils down to which one you enjoy working with the most.  Good Luck!

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            I say follow your interests - figure out which track you are more interested in, which you feel you would want to work on day to day, and pursue that.



            Find something you enjoy doing - something you look forward to doing each day.  Success will follow.

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              Thanks for your replies,


              Early I am interest in Security field compare to Routing & switching and Voice.

              Recently I heard about the cloud technology. It will include the VMware technology, Datacenter design also. Now i am interest in the cloud computing.


              That's why I am confused now, Which is best platform and which is best career growth and future.


              please suggest me.


              Thanks in advance.




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                Jeffrey W. Hall

                Given everyone's great comments and the fact that you're not really pulled in one direction more than the other, I'd suggest looking at the Datacenter/virtualization field.  The only reason I say this is because the security field is pretty established with a lot of certified professionals doing that work.  Cisco UCS and virtualization, however, is a lot newer of a certification focus and you'd be in a much smaller group of people and one of the engineers that are certified earlier in the process.





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                  Hi Jeffery


                  The problem with UCS is market penetration. VM ESX is pretty well established. So you might be one of the few chasing one of the few jobs.


                  Regards Conwyn

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                    Jeffrey W. Hall

                    I truly believe that datacenter virtualization using such solutions as the Cisco UCS is the way of the future and will have a tremendous impact in the near term that we haven't seen in quite some time.  Based on that, the best time to get into this field is now, as it will the those that certify and otherwise become recognized as the experts early on that will be considered the leaders within this new datacenter model.