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    Cisco Unity Connection 7.1.3 - administrator login issue


      Hi all,


      I'm running Cisco Unity Connection 7.1.3.


      I'm trying to login via the brower to https://<IP address>/cuadmin with my administrator credentials, but I get the message "Account is locked".


      I'm trying to reset the administrator password via the CLI by using the command "utils reset_ui_administrator_password", but then I get the message:


      2010-08-12 16:28:39,781 ERROR [ClassExecutionThread] cli.cmdResetPasswd - Error:: Unable to set Passwd
      2010-08-12 16:28:39,782 ERROR [ClassExecutionThread] cli.cmdResetPasswd - Error:: Read Credential for administrator failed.
      08/12/2010 16:28:39.778 : Update FAILED: code = 1, AUTHORIZATION FAILURE


      I assume this has to do with the account being locked, but in which way can I unlock the administrator account again?


      Help will be much appreciated.


      Kind regards,