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        You should look for used (1-2 year old), Dell servers on ebay.

        I got mine 3 years ago for around $800


        And if you still will have "extra money" , than you can get couple L3 switches and use them with GNS3 together.Did not tryed above 10, once I do - will post update.

             -IOS to routers assigment see in tt.net file- it is "project files" of GNS3- it is inside GNS3tt.txt (rename to .rar once downloated), posted above.

        People saying, it will run better on Ubuntu,

             -but mine on Win2008server with 9 router, just fine.


        It is pretty old model.

        It will take around 3 min on start up for CPU to calm down from100%, but overall Dell server motherboard can handle well.

        See tech info in attach.


        Honestly, I did not saw topolgy yet , where you might need more than 10  routers, to simulate protocols/redistribution/else.

        I'm not sure what max. number of router I tested so fur, probably 9, as showing in corrent topic, but I can assume, it can take 2-4 more with no problem on mine Dell1800 server machine.

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          So how much you have routers tested so far on GNS3 and which image file you are using ?

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            I went for exam today, and was glad to see, that mine topology(derive from Cisco demo topology) was almost exactly the same.

            I pretty sure I did pass, but was no report on exam, due to technical issue……..

            Also been told by administrator of the test site, that they do have experience high value of problem with cisco exams.

            All previous cisco exams I attempt, had no issue, but this new TSHOOT seems to have a lot of application problems, which probably would not stop you from passing exam, but here major problem which I was able observe .

            -          Some tickets “show run” , will not reflect realistic situation, as well PC(Client 1) will receive IP address, when logically should be not(due to ACL on DSW1).

            -          Some time, when you exit from CLI and “en” again will bring  different “show run”, but still with missing info, and looks like only way to receive full “show run” is “abort” ticket and return to it sometime after. Only after that you will see incorrect configuration(I strongly believe- it was not mine "hallucination"), and you will be able finish ticket.

            -          On the end of exam, once I click next (approx 20 min before time expired), exam emulation froze, and would not get to next screen…..after exam time been expired, same error start popping up “application cannot run……..contact PearsonVUE support, log file is in xx/xxx/xxx/xxxx/xxxx/”.

            -          Not all major “show ….”,  so to determine “break point”, always better start from client “ipconfig” and work your way up to topology………once find “break point”, verify additionally if this is the correct or it is neighboring config.

            -          If you cannot indentify problem quickly , do “abort” and return later………..more likely you will see different “show run” output once you return to it.

            It looks like, due to complexity of topology, design team running into problem with emulation this exam.

            Personaly, I don’t see possible to pass this exam without replication scenario and learning all IP prior taking exam.

            Any one experience same problem, please share your thoughts – this is defiantly should be address to and fixed by cisco.


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              This is odd,I was also having a good impressions about Cisco exam, they must have to look into this if what you are saying is the case..freezing at the end of exam its like a worst nightmare, because you dont know what'll be the result..even if you're confident you've done well and surely pass...but what if application fails to record your responce due to error..on top of that there is no way you can challange them (as per my information).


              You will surely pass, you have done fabulous job creating mirror exam topology, you might have practiced enough on it. Anything else you want to share, ofcourse within NDA, like is exam interface is same as Demo exam on CLN? How to attack TT ? what method you have used ? Any other tipsthat could help on exam.


              Hope for the best...




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                soory brother,i share your frustration.But never worry you will surely pass.

                Plesae could you send me the materials you used for your exams?ie in pdf format

                Thank you

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                  Thank you all, for respond.

                  I don’t feel frustration, it is all OK. It was just to much time in exam room(due to technical issue),but good learning experience how emulation works.

                  All theoretical stuff derived from previous R@S exams, and this is strictly practical.

                  Mine main preparation was rebuilding TSHOOT topology in GNS3, and practice all scenarios. It did help me memorize all ip and topology- they don’t really different from the one on exam, so it is made it easier.

                  Main challenge was "catch up configuration files visually" during exam, and recognize misconfiguration..........but this might not work for anyone- it does require a lot of effort.

                  All other method used is already described above, not sure what else I can add, basically in this post we see preparation made (using GNS3), and final result in exam room. Good thing expectation was met by 80%, unexpected error, and emulation problem, will be sorted out by Cisco, and will make really good exam.

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                    Phil Vancil

                    I was glad to hear that you were able to duplicate the topology before you took the exam.  One of my goals in getting the topology posted on CLN was to allow the candidates to become familiar with the topology and addressing before the exam.  That way they could spend their time troubleshooting, not trying to learn the IP scheme during the exam.

                    Relate to the issue you saw, you shouldn't have had these issues.  If you can give me the exam center, I will pass it on to the exam team and see if we can isolate this to a onetime event, or a systemic issue. If you feel the issue affect your performance enough to affect the outcome of the exam, please open a case.

                    You indicated that the clients were receiving address when they shouldn’t have.  Remember that Microsoft default to a 169 address if DHCP fails. Was this the case or did the clients show a 10 address?

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                      Yes- client had 10.x.x.x while there was VLAN filter list on DSW1, and it should stop client from getting IP (unless Client got IP before VLAN ACL was implemented).

                      Also ASW1/2 should  not allow use ping from it (in some ticket it will, other tickets it wont).

                      But it is all minor issue.......

                      Biggest issue, when you start new ticket - old "show run"  should disappear, and should be no problem at all, have TOTALY UPDATED CONFIGURATION, when you issue "show run" on newly started ticket.

                      For some reason, on some of the tickets - it would not do this, and it can really screw up your troubleshooting, to the point of unable pass exam.

                      I cannot really say for sure, who would be in charge of that, but in mine personal option- Cisco software development team.

                      It looks like, that application running at test center is updated in "real-time", and if there is network/communication issue, emulation program should be intelligent enough to detect this issue, and prevent user from seeing "outdated" "show run" output.

                      Hope I was able explain this clearly, if not please excuse me, and let me know if can clarify additionally.


                      Can you please elaborate on topology you had posted.....I cannot find the link.

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                        Phil Vancil

                        Thanks much for the feedback.  It helps tremendously. At one time the test engine would close and clear all open console session when you ended or aborted a ticket.  We had a request from several reviewers to leave the session open so they didn’t have to keep opening them.  In hindsight, this simple request added a point of confusion (e.g., how do know what you are seeing is from the current ticket or the last ticket). It seems to me that the inconvenience of having to reopen a session is less an issue than getting confuse over what you are seeing. I will see if I can get them to go back to the close action.

                        As relate to the VLAN filter and ping issues, the test engine performs identical to an actual hardware setup.  I cannot get into much more detail because of exam security issues. 

                        The link to the topology is on the practice Exam page:


                        There is a link about half way down the page:

                        TSHOOT Exam Topology



                        Again, thanks for the feedback.  Did you ever get your resutls back?


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                          Regarding crashing exams and trouble viewing the questions and exhibits at the same time.


                          This Cisco exam station issue is a critical path in particular that may not have Cisco's attention at this time based on reading several posts for the last 18 months over several certification tracks.


                          The unfortunate issue with all the new improvements on the Cisco tests (to prevent cheating-good;  and give a more comprehensive exam--good) are working against us when we have to try to take an exam on the often very old clone PC's in the Vue test centers that often have 15" CRT monitors or too small 1024 by 768 resolution displays.


                          Look to register for exams at a Vue test station with 23" or better LCD monitor that will allow you to see the exhibits on one side and the test questions on the other


                          The display should allow 1920 by 1680 resolution (HDTV). .


                          The other critical path is that Cisco does not provide a means to capture test taker feedback at the end of the exam and it's very difficult again to get anyone's attention.


                          It is my understanding that Bay Area Vue stations or at Cisco Networkers and at RDP (Durham), NC this problem is already being addressed but this is not the case globally at this time.



                          Please don't spend your $250 or more to take an exam on an old clone PC that is 10 years old with a 15"faded out CRT monitor.


                          We can only vote these issues out by seeking out better places to take our exams.

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                            I am suggesting this error could be a old flash player issue on the test PC browser

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                              No problem, glad to help.

                              Here is respond from Cisco:

                              "Your case has been escalated  to our Exam Development Team  for thorough review  and  I will be working directly with  them to ensure that  your concern is addressed within an acceptable time frame. Typically, the research and resolution time will take approximately 7-10 business days............".


                              Yes - in your link, that exact topology I was using to built mine replica. It is nice work, but I rather have smaller IP addresses, then have it done on 3 lists.

                              And when I was doing so, I was wondering why would not make this "all-in-one"?.(it does not seems to be right to seperate them by technology/layers).

                              PC monitors as well is a huge issue- very difficult to navigate and switch between windows.

                              Allow people have topology on paper during exam , can help dramatically reduce stress and questions to cisco.

                              Leaving session open can be very helpful, but looks like this option start causing problem with pulling new information by "show run".





                              There was message ""Adobe 10....this movie, cannot run.......can cause application XXXXX.........Click yes to close or no .......", something like that.

                              And if you click "yes", one time seems to be was working on one machine(and we tried probably 4-5 machine are almost same), on other machine it will cause screen start blinking, and application froze, only option you have click "No".

                              I did not want to go to this center to begin with, but could not find within 30 miles others open  last Saturday.

                              And if there would be option to bring 24" with you, I defiantly would, but I don’t think it will help much, it seems to be that application will not allow you "spread show run", all windows do stays within application border, which are actually seems to be smaller than real screen.

                              In other word - bigger screen will make words really big, but will not help you be more productive.


                              Just googled , this is exact error, other one about application, when system is nonresponding.


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                                I receive refund from PearsonVUE on Friday, and went for exam today at different location (50 min away, instead of 15min).

                                No word from cisco yet, in reqard of first failed attempt(on which I sure now, I would pass -if there would be no soft issue).

                                So on exam today, everything was smooth (no funky error messages), and I passed with a VERY HIGH SCORE.

                                Probably miss one of 3or 4 "worm up question", they give you on beginning of exam. Not sure how many question you have to do out of 12, but it is no different if you know practical aspect of this exam.

                                I had to abort 4 tickets and return back to them later(probably "tunnel vision", will prevent you from seeing mistake right away).

                                There was a fun part today - when I came to test center - doors was closed, so I left VM on their phone number.

                                By the time, I got back home all puzzled, and thinking where should I schedule tomorrow (extra $200, not to wait refund from PearsonVUE-which can be done only on work days.), girl return mine call, and I was able go back and finish this prolonged adventure.

                                It is kind of spoil the moment, I dont feel much exitment as other times(or maybe getting old?), but nevertheless finaly done.

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                                  I suggest you get on a first name basis with the owners and proctors of the Cisco Vue Exam centers before you pay for anything.


                                  Where do you stand now?   Did I understand you booked and paid for a retake at a published exam time but the center was locked and not open for business? After driving an hour and so forth?

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                                    Currently I'm CCNP now, but last time , when I had to go diffrent center(for the reason of problems with PC at closest center), doors was closed at at scheduled time. Than they called me, when I was back home(almost 1 HR away), I went back and   PASS WITH VERY HIGH SCORE.

                                    Only things I have left - have PearsonVUE  refund mine $200, otherwise TSHOOT cost total is $400 for me.

                                    And I'm awaiting respond from Cisco application development team.

                                    PeasonVUE do not want to refund, yet, saying- "technician troubleshoot issue, and did not saw indication of Adobe flash player 10 error", on mine insist- that he can not see it for the reason, that they don't have proper logs for it- operator would say, that there is nofing she can do about.


                                    Just to remind:


                                    issue was with "adobe flash player 10.....running this script can slow down....click yes/no".

                                    When I would ignore and click no(and that what I did first time...), exam seems to be was going well, but then on last 4-5 tickets I will not see updated "show run", where is mistakes in show run would not be shown............

                                    And because it happened on the end of exam(15 min left), I spend all time looking for solution(practically been overwhelmed, that I cannot find such simple mistakes - client cannot ping DSW1).

                                    Even I already memorized config both - ASW1 and DSW1 by troubleshooting previous tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, it still did not helped me...........

                                    So the only explanation I see- this problem happened , because I ignored "Adobe flash 10 movie error", and seems to be hard to prove that to PearsonVUE, as I didn't not complain them right away, but I did file report with Cisco, which are still pending.

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