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    B Haines

      I received the private message referenced below from Nini Reed today with no explanation as to where a violation occurred. All of my posts and documents are of a helpful nature and I have never posted anything that is not already posted publicly by Cisco. I have two questions.


      1.) What does this violation warning mean precisely? It references possible loss of certification and possible ban from future certifications yet provides no substance in the form of an example of a violation.


      2.) Why are moderators sending private messages that claim someone violated Cisco policy when not providing an example. I am 100% certain that Nini Reed is mistaken. I have not violated the Cisco candidate conduct policy.


      Here is the private message that I received.


      " Take note:


      To maintain the credibility of Cisco Certification exams, please be mindful of posting information regarding exam questions and details. Please note that releasing such information may be in violation of the Cisco Candidate Conduct Policy http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/downloads/guest/learning/c644/ccmigration_09186a00803641d2.pdf.


      Any candidate determined by Cisco to have violated the Candidate Conduct Policy shall, if determined necessary or appropriate by Cisco based upon the seriousness of the incident or violation be made ineligible to register and/or schedule any Cisco examination up to including a lifetime ban and voiding of all previous certifications from the date of such determination.


      Also, Cisco does not publish exam passing scores because exam questions and passing scores are subject to change without notice. The number of questions on each exam differs and the number of points per question differs, therefore we are unable to provide you with an exact passmark for any Cisco Career Certification exams. The passing score and the exact number of questions will be displayed on the screen at the beginning your exam. After completing an exam, candidates receive an individualized score report including a score breakout by exam section for pinpointing areas of strength and weakness.



      Nini - Cisco Learning Network Moderator"

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          Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security


          That's unbelievable. You are helping candidates pursue their certification on your own time and Cisco sends you a violation warning without letting you know what you did. Please post exactly what triggered this so we'll know what not to do. If it is too rediculous I might just quit posting here and post on some of the other blogs I frequent.






          Cisco is trying to get more and more into the training business. If they want to control everything, they will have to hire their own bloggers and forum posters. Even then, they'll have some that don't say exactly what they want. Now if, somehow there was some blatant violation of NDA, I would be on Cisco's side with on the issuance of a violation notice.






          Good luck and keep us posted.



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            B Haines

            Thanks Paul,

            I can only assume that this is the post that Nini Reed is referring to. I posted in the CCENT forum (I frequent to help out the people just starting out)..




            The funny thing is that I am CLEARLY NOT violating any policy in this discussion. All I said was that I recommend the 1 test approach as opposed to the 2 test approach for SEEMINGLY OBVIOUS reasons! The CCENT (ICND1) is obviously easier than ICND2 as test two contains more advanced material. I simply stated that by taking a single test that contains both ICND1 as well as ICND2 then you would have a better chance of success since the ICND1 material should create a sort of buffer in case you are having some difficulty with test 2 level concepts... No trade secrets in this post.. LoL

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              HI Haines,



              That is really strange. Nini gave a warning on the above link also. And now as Private message also..



              Moderator should atleast explain the exact cause.



              I think the wordings "failed ICND2 by ONE QUESTION! " is the actual exam secret that you revealed to all of us.. LOL



              Because I couldn't find any other violating word.



              Or it could be an automatic response that is generated on behalf of the moderators depending upon selected keywords present in the postings.



              Waiting for a clarification from the Moderator !!



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                B Haines

                I don't know.. I know that I did not break the conduct policy.. The only thing that I stated was an obvious fact.. If you take the single test then you will have ICND1 level questions on the test.. I believe that I would have passed the first time I took the test if I would have had ICND1 type questions on it.. Not that the one test approach is for everyone.. And like I said.. There is the fact that you receive the CCENT certification for ICND1 now! That's a plus! Regardless, I know that I did not abuse the policy as I take the certification very seriously. It just upsets me... I spend at least an hour a day answering questions in this forum.. there are many more forums worth frequenting and more certifications worth pursuit as well. Moderators should be more tactful than this in my opinion.

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                  Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security


                  That is a crock. I may just spend my time elsewhere if they don't make it right by explaining what was violated and what their concern is.



                  I posted this on the other forum as well.






                  "Nini, can

                  you please enlighten us as to what was disclosed that should not have

                  been. You allude to the passing score not being published by Cisco.

                  However the passing score was not mentioned in this post. The only

                  thing mentioned was that the poster failed by one. So if there are x

                  questions and y is the passing score and the test taker scores y-1%

                  then it is pretty easy for him or her to accurately calculate the

                  number of questions that were missed.



                  I hope I'm not in

                  violation of NDA by providing this "proprietary formula". Oh wait,

                  that would be impossible since I have not taken the current ICND1 and

                  ICND2 exams and know nothing of the content other than what is publicly

                  available. I believe 100% in protecting the value of certification

                  through Non-disclosure, but this is a crock."









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                    B Haines

                    I am still awaiting some sort of explanation. I may have to change forums as well. If I actually received an NDA hit for that post, then I will be changing certifications as well.. I only have CCNA so I am not locked in yet! Juniper is sounding better and better!

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                      Please give me your email id in case you change the forums.






                      I really need a lot, lot of help from you..may be in near future..because I am new to networking world..





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                        B Haines

                        Hey Chetan,

                        Check your messages. Sent you an email addy.

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                          Dear all,




                          The information sent by the Cisco Moderator was to simply provide a general reminder to those who have taken a Certification exam and to reduce the chance of members releasing exam information. When discussions arise in the Cisco Learning Network that entice potential delivery of exam information, it is the right of the moderator to post this reminder to prevent any possible violations from occuring.



                          Your comments, opinions, and insight are always welcomed and much appreciated. We look forward to your further participation within the Cisco Learning Network!





                          Cisco Learning Network Moderator



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                            B Haines


                            That is a good policy and could definitely prove beneficial. However, in this case there was absolutely no reference to this being a reminder. This came off more as if an actual violation had occurred. May I suggest that, in the future, moderators provide more tact and specify "Just a reminder" or "Please be careful in order to avoid a violation" or something to that effect. Many people placed in this situation will simply leave the Learning Network forums after receiving such a "Warning". Thanks for the response, Andrew. As always, have a nice day.

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                              Nini Reed

                              Hello All,


                              Please note, the message that was posted within the original e-mail thread was the same message that was sent out to

                              B Haines. The warning was regarding exam scores being posted which states, "Cisco does not publish exam passing scores because exam questions and passing scores are subject to change without notice." The additional information is an FYI for any future postings.


                              The warning was not to offend or deter anyone from the Cisco Learning Network site, however, it was a notification to those who had posted their exam scores that Cisco does not publish exam scores or prohibit anyone else publishing exam scores. The exam scores have since been removed from the original e-mail thread, and this may explain why no one knew the reason for warning that was sent.


                              On a positive note, we definitely appreciate the responses that are posted by B Haines, since input offered seems to help out many who want to achieve Cisco Certifications and/or Specializations. This is the exact reason why we have this site available and invite people like B Haines to provide others with a different view or an experienced view that B Haines clearly has. B Haines, I hope this clears up any confusion or frustration that has been caused.



                              Nini - Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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                                Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE





                                I'm a little confused. "Cisco does not publish exam scores or prohibit anyone else publishing exam scores." Now, perhaps I'm over-thinking my english skills here, but if:



                                1. Cisco does not publish exam scores - ok, that's obvious, although we can indeed publish our own credentials, I've just never cared to pay attention to whether that includes scores.



                                2. or prohibit any else publishing - this states that it is NOT prohibited. And if not prohibited, then it must be allowed.



                                As for the not publishing scores because questions and exam scores are subject to change, then one wonders what the problem would be in stating they missed by one question (which presumably can be mathematically determined based on the number of questions (which IS published) and the received score).



                                I'm not sure how one person stating they received an 922 on their exam (or whatever number) either gives any information away or helps anyone else other than someone individually boasting. shrug



                                While it's nice there may be some policy about it, I do have to agree with the rest of the thread in that submitting a relative generic letter about violation warning is not an appropriate response. For actions to be corrected, one must understand what any alleged or perceived offenses happen to be.









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                                  well, can't hide that i was really serprised from this desscusion post . in fact i agree with B Hiens and the other friends that he didn't violate any of Cisco candidate conduct policy . also we should be more reasosnable on what is wrong if he/she did post their exam score it's some thing individual, he didn't post saying the exam passing score is ... or each Qusetion has this or that score ,,,


                                  on the other hand i'm asking B Heins to take it more easy so it's okay , Scote and NiNi replay that it's a simple clearefication so let be dude and we all sure appreciate your help and effort and time you gave to answer ppl



                                  one last thing for the modeatores , try to be more helpful and motivate ppl around because i can't believe that this is an official cisco learning network and it has only few members and posts while other forums flooded with your candidate , no wonder i've registred june 2008 and it's only my 3rd post i guess ,,



                                  have a nice day all and remember that we all here for each other sharing experiance and knowledge ,, sure with your supported modeators

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                                    Nini Reed

                                    Hello All,


                                    Per the last post, Cisco does not publish exam scores and prohibits anyone else publishing exam scores. The exam scores that were in the original e-mail thread have since been removed, this appears to explain why no one knew or understands why B Haines received the violation warning.



                                    Nini - Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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