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    How to configure right value of delay.

    Usman Ali Butt

      When somebody says to configure delay 200 while redistributing routes in ospf, we'll divide it by 10, like in this case

      200/10 = 20 and if somebody asks us to configure Delay as 5ms then

      In this case delay will be 5,000/10 i guess and it would be 500

      am i right? please anybody define this concept?

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          Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

          THe delay value is in microseconds.  There are 10 microseconds in a millisecond.  Right idea, wrong direction....   Multiply by 10.



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            Aloha Usman Ali ****,

            In regards to your post on "How to configure right value of delay?":

            First some clarification:

            Delay = (sum of all outgoing interfaces in micro-seconds) / 10

            When entering the delay portion of the five seed metric under the Redistribution command, enter the delay as 10s of micro-seconds.  So, if you what the delay to be 5000 micro-seconds, enter 500.  Here is an example:

            router eigrp 5
            redistribute rip metric 10000 500 255 1 1500

            Please note the enteries above, BW (K1) = 10000, delay (K3)= 500, reliability (K4) = 255, load (K2) = 1 and MTU (K5) = 1500.  Also these are not in order K1 - K5.  You can verify the seed metric values using the "show ip eigrp top x.x.x.x" command.  Here is the output from my example:

            GW.BTSC.R1#sh ip eigrp top
            IP-EIGRP (AS 5): Topology entry for
              State is Passive, Query origin flag is 1, 1 Successor(s), FD is 1503
              Routing Descriptor Blocks:
    , from Redistributed, Send flag is 0x0
                  Composite metric is (1503/0), Route is External
                  Vector metric:
                    Minimum bandwidth is 10000 Kbit
                    Total delay is 5000 microseconds
                    Reliability is 255/255
                    Load is 1/255
                    Minimum MTU is 1500
                    Hop count is 0
                  External data:
                    Originating router is (this system)
                    AS number of route is 0
                    External protocol is RIP, external metric is 0
                    Administrator tag is 0 (0x00000000)

            Please do check out the calculator and let me know what you think.  I have just finished programming a "Javascript" calculator that performs the same IGRP and EIGRP metric calculation.  I should have that on my website in the next 24 hours (www.btscomllc.com).