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    GUI Simulators for Cisco ASA

    Amit Divekar


      Hi Guys,



      I just wanted to inquire whether we have a GUI Simulator for Cicso ASA,i am a newbiee to the cisco security arena & it becomes really dufficult at times to work on the command line for Pix & Asa as they are not similar to the normal routing & Switching that we are used to,but we still manage to find out a way somehow.



      I have been goin with my sales & Tech Pre-sales guys on calls for Tech Support & i really see a Lot of ASA's & Pix's being thrown out of Corporate networks by competitiors like Sonicwall,Watchguard & Juniper while i have no grudges against them but still somewhere it hurts that the product positioned is not a Cisco & could have been a Cisco..



      I very well know that its not rocket science to configure an ASA or a Pix we also have PEMU to practice on the command line but with such a great GUI i jus wished that we had a simulator to Practice these Firewalls in GUI it would have been great. i dnt know about the market that ASA holds but i am really eager to know that from Masters like Scott Morris & other Security Experts & the Moderators at CLN that can we develop a silmulator like Packet Tracer(Which is not readily available) so that we cld practice on all aspects of the Firewalls.



      And unlike Packet Tracer,a simulator for ASA which is readily available for all of our Cisco Family.



      I just wish that the moderators could develop some games as they did for other things to start with.



      Really Looking forward to this as i and a lot of other guys would be really delighted to see this, work & Practice on this.