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    TSHOOT - Passed

    Michael Law

      Greetings Everyone,


      I took the TSHOOT exam this morning and passed. I am officially a CCNP. Woot!

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          Hi Michael




          Regards Conwyn

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            Hiya Michael.


            Congratulations on your success.



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                Wow michel congrats... now you dont have to worry about your result unlike us.. great job man.. can you tell me if the exam was different from the beta or exactly same???

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                  i cant believe cisco is really scrwing us wont give a beta exam again ever in my life now...

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                    Jimmy Sands

                    Congrats....I am sure your happy now?

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                      I am still waiting for my beta exam result like you people.

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                        Swapnil Kulkarni

                        Congratulations Michael for passing TSHOOT exam.

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                          Michael Law

                          Thank you everyone.


                          The official TSHOOT exam had more similarities than differences. The only real difference is that the official exam is 39 questions rather than 60. The majority of the exam is about trouble tickets and troubleshooting. In my opinion this exam was easier than BCMSN and BSCI. I haven't taken ROUTE or SWITCH so I wouldn't know if all 3 new exams are naturally easier than the older ones or if the TSHOOT just "seemed" easy to me.


                          The main object of the TSHOOT is not to quiz you on your knowledge of protocols - that's what the last 2 CCNP exams should have done. The TSHOOT examines how well you confront a scenario, analysis the problem, and solve the problem. This path of logic is different than just brute memorization so I suggest that anyone who studies for this exam already have a good foundation on routing and switching protocols and their configuration. You don't want to spend any time wondering how a protocol should work.


                          I know I can't give details about the questions in the exam itself but I can offer my study guide on how I went about passing the TSHOOT exam.

                          • Please have taken/passed BSCI+BCMSN first. The TSHOOT assumes you understand everything in these two certifications prior. If you are like me and took the BSCI and BCMSN, you'll want to review the syllabus for the ROUTE and SWITCH exams. The content of the new certs will be a clue as to what you need to know for the TSHOOT. Things such as multicasting and IS-IS are not in ROUTE exam.
                          • My study guides were: "CCNP TSHOOT 864-832 Official Certification Guide", "CCNP TSHOOT 864-832 Cert Kit", "Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Network (TSHOOT) Foundation Learning Guide" and the BCMSN/BSCI Quick Reference Book. Here's my recommendation: Get the Cert Kit that comes with the 6 hours of video training and Foundation Learning Guide. I personally don't find Official Certification Guides to work. I have purchased about 6 of them and I just don't think they're as influential as curriculums or course booklets. One last thing, the TSHOOT exam does require you to know some things not found in the BCMSN and BSCI exam. Topics such as AAA security and ntp. I purchased a ccna security course booklet (35$ USD) and it had all the required information. After reviewing those 2 subjects, I no longer needed that text for the TSHOOT studies.
                          • I finished all my readings about 2 days before my exam. Then I went back through my BCMSN/BSCI Quick Reference books to review all needed configuration. The TSHOOT exam is not about writing configuration but are required to read configuration. So you need to know configurations well because you will need to exam a configuration and determine what is wrong with it.
                          • Also, there was a set of 3 PDF files one of the designers from the exam published in the CCNP Disussion board here on the CLN. Not sure if it's still there, but scroll down and look for keywords. If the posting is still there, the PDFs will be in there also. These are the topologies you need to study from. All I'm going to say about this is: learn to love these PDFs.
                          • Lastly, the TSHOOT exam is all about finding a path of logic. I won't reveal what mine was online but there is a need to discover a path of logic pattern. What I mean by this is, you need to know how to approach a scenario and be a detective. So please have a plan of action on how you would go about solving the trouble tickets before entering the exam. The TSHOOT studies talk about different troubleshooting techniques. I think they give around 6-7 different troubleshooting methodologies. You will only need to apply 2 of these since obvious things like "application layer" is not a part of the routing and switching topics.


                          I do believe that's all I can reveal about the exam without any specifics on questions or my experience. Please fill free to ask more questions. I will do my best to answer them.


                          Good Luck,



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                            Hey Micheal congratulations on getting your CCNP! How did you find the official exam with regards to time? Was it enough or tight?

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                              Michael Law

                              I finished the exam with plenty of time to spare. There were a few questions that stumped me for a while. But, there were a few that took me 30 seconds to complete so it evened out. Like I said before, if you have a plan of action that can be applied to all trouble tickets, you will move through the exam with more ease than if you try to have a non-standardize approach. Also, you do have 155 minutes to complete the exam with only 39 questions so it would seem that the TSHOOT is a "smaller" exam in terms of number of questions.


                              Hope that clarifies some things.



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                                Andy C

                                Congratulations!  I will be taking the TSHOOT tomorrow morning.  Wish me luck!!

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                                  Just want to add to this thread with another successful story of a passed TSHOOT exam .

                                  Woot CCNP here also.

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                                    Congrats!  Welcome to the CCNP rankings!  Good feeling isn't it?  It would be interesting, now that the new track is out, to take a poll of those who took the old track, BSCI, BCMSN, ISCW & ONT vs the new track of ROUTE, SWITCH & TSHOOT vs some kind of mix.


                                    I am an oldie and took the old track.

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