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    TSHOOT Result


      Hey guys,


              I think only 1 day is left for the official launch of CCNP TSHOOT exam , guess that means all those of us who gave our exam can expect our result tomorrow... I am kinda gettin nervous, what about all you guys who gave your exam?? What are you expecting?



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          Michael Law



          I took the TSHOOT beta and thought it was a very unique exam from the previous Cisco exams. Although, we're not allowed to give details on the exam itself, I will say I am still going to take the official TSHOOT exam ASAP rather than waiting for my beta results. I felt that if you studied hard for the routing and switching exams, the TSHOOT shouldn't present a lot of new content. That was a major plus only having to study a couple more theoretical topics. I am eager to complete my CCNP career paths and more on to the Design career path and then to the CCIE program.





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            Oh Boy!..


            Yeah ...now that one days has also gone. And **** yeah ..i am nervous. Who wouldn't be ?



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              Ryan Ruckley CCNP


              Which design certs are you going to do?


              I'm contemplating what to do after CCNP, was thinking, CCDA, then CCDP, then perhaps an E level cert if I can manage it.

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                I, too, cannot wait to find out my score.


                Anyone have confirmation that the scores will be available tomorrow?  Will we get e-mails?  Letters?  Will it show up in the Pearson VUE or Cisco Cert Tracking systems?


                Hate how little information I have, trying to find out if I need to re-learn enough to retake the test!


                Not sure I'll ever take another Cisco beta test again, just because of the long wait.  What a nail-biter.



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                  Michael Law

                  Ryan - your path is exactly what mine is. If all goes well, I will pass the TSHOOT tomorrow to complete my CCNP. Then I will start studying for the CCDA->CCDP program. The requirements for the CCDA is a valid CCNA. The CCDP program requires you to have the ROUTE (BSCI), SWITCH (BCMSN) and the ARCH exam. All I will need to study for is the ARCH since the BSCI and BCMSN were already completed for the CCNP. I feel that a CCNP/CCDP will be an excellent foundation to start studying for the CCIE program. My only concern is, the change in the CCNP program, dropped subjects such as WAN protocols and security that are found in the CCIE still. When I looked at the CCIE syllabus, there will be quite a bit of new content to study for that we won't see in the CCNP.


                  Keller - When I took my TSHOOT exam, the paper said that the results would be mailed 8 to 12 weeks after the exam closing (which was on March 26th). Unfortunately, it has only been 4 weeks. So unless they get done fast, I don't think we'll be seeing them for 1 - 2 more months. I personally don't want to wait that long for my beta results.



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                    Well it clearly states on the TSHOOT exam page here at CLN


                    "Passing scores on beta exams count towards certification just like final  release exams; however, scores will not be available until April 30,  2010."



                    Thus the reason i was expecting the result today but its 6 pm in the evening here in India.... i guess they meant April 30 in America??? cause i havent yet recieved a mail and also checked the pearson site where it still says "Taken" and not Pass/Fail

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                      Eugene Khabarov

                      Now it is only 8:54 in NewYork. Too early...

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                        I called Cisco Cert people this morning.  I laughed and said "so what you are telling me is that people had to ace the test to pass?"  He said that he thinks the passing line still hasn't been set yet.  Hopefully there will be some kind of bell curve or something.  I also don't know if my score is before or after they throw some of the questions, I also don't know if they will be throwing any of the questions out.  Crossing my fingers....


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                          i also think they will throw some of the questions out as the beta exam had 60 questions while the Cisco site says the exam will have 53 questions, so i think atleast 7 questions should not be marked on



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                            Yep, I though the same thing.  It might be some sort of scoring for BETA exams.

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                              I'm watching this closely as well. I'm trying to determine if I need to schedule another attempt, or if I have completed my CCNP certification.


                              The PearsonVue rep told me this morning to expect a snail mail response 8-12 weeks after the completion of the beta exam availability (like was mentioned earlier).


                              The Cisco rep told me this morning that they are supposed to have the results out "at the end of April." If I don't receive any notice by Tuesday next week, they recommended that I call back to follow up. She wasn't sure if it would be e-mail or regular mail notification.


                              I've been keeping an eye on the history on Cisco's certification tracking system, as I assume this would be the first place this would be updated (please correct me if I'm wrong on that).

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                                From Cisco Cert case I opened:


                                Thank you for contacting the Certification & Communities Online Support.


                                The Beta exam results may not be available for 8 to 12 weeks from the last date the Beta exam is available. The last day the Beta exam was available is March 26th, 2010. Please allow a few more weeks for the results of your Beta exam to be graded as the alloted time has not expired yet. If you have any further questions, or require additional assistance, please click the hyperlink above to update your case.


                                Kind regards,



                                I guess we will all have to wait a bit longer....

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                                  This is crazy...Holy Cow. It would have had been better if we had prepared for the Actual TSHOOT exam. Atleast, we can get instant result



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                                    Where did you find a phone number to call Cert Support?  I can only find a way to put in tickets, but others have shown that doing so doesn't get you anywhere.

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