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    CCIE GUI Tutorial



      Has anyone at Cisco considered adding a tutorial for the lab GUI? I can’t see how this would take away from the whole lab experience. You provided example OEQs, so why not create something to help educate those attending the lab. Time wasted on learning a new tool could mean a failing grade for an otherwise good engineer. Consider what you provided for the CCNA/CCNP tracks.



      Any updates on the request for new dual monitors?

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          I think that's a great request (both of them). I really like the dual monitor idea - something I had suggested too. I know the dual monitor "thing" isn't going to happen for a little while, due to cost. But the tutorial for the lab GUI seems pretty fair. I'll shoot out a couple emails and let's see what happens.


          Brad Ellis



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            Bruno van de Werve

            Yes a tutorial for the new WebGUI is on its way, stay tuned.

            The dual-monitor is a frequent request but in deed wont happen for while due to multiple reasons, not only cost.

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              This is great news. I look forward to seeing the tutorial soon.


              Thanks for the replies.

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                Regarding Monitors, please lets get together (a petition?) and figure out a means to resolve having to take tests on a 15" CRT using 15 year old technology.


                The testing format and question detail and software engine has dramatically changed and the monitors have not kept pace with that whatsoever.


                A 23"wide screen format flat screen monitor new price is about $122 retail and lower in numbers wholesale.  I propose we don't need dual monitors requiring new graphics cards but just a wide screen LCD 22" or larger that will allow the left side of the screen to show the question and the right side of the screen to show all the exhibits and CLI to routers and switches?


                Comments, Ideas?


                What is the "recommended" 2010 monitor/LCD size for normal Vue exam? What about the recommended size and display resolution for a the new visually dynamic and interactive Cisco Exams with the new software?

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                  I believe RTP has 25" LCD monitors, but it apparently isn't enough.

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                    Reading back through the CCIE 4.0 beta and new CCNP beta exam takers, many were provided 15" screens and the exhibits did not 'window" or scale very well with horizontal and vertical scroll bars.  You have to close all the exhibits to see the question again or spend the time to copy it all down on the limited paper or magic marker provided.. This makes you run out of time and fight the testing engine and puts you in a mood of "how much did I pay for this exam?"


                    25' would be a luxury, perhaps they are set up for an inferior display resolution and was not a "widescreen format" monitor that permitted left screen question and right screen exhibits?  I believe one of the following should be the minimum resolution:

                    WUXGA (1920×1200 like the 15.4" laptop I use) This is the native resolution for many 23"-27" widescreen LCD monitors

                    (this is also 1080p or 1080i HDTV format)




                    2K (2048×1080) since it is a LCD exam monitor and not a laptop


                    I am trying to contact Vue to see what is the recommended resolution and screen size but getting run around.

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                      any updates on the the GUI  tutorial?

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                        I actually was looking for a flashcard/tutorial and ran into that topic .... IT definately would be a good idea .... The CCIE LAB Demo video is definately not enough in my opinion ...