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    Finally I took it


      Hello cisco friends, today is great day, why?? well finally I achived my goal, CCNA Certification!!, the way was not easy, When I begun was so hard cause I had 2 years with out study/practice about cisco and idiom also was so hard hehe (I´m not english speaker I know that you did realise, lol), I remeber that I didn´t know how to make VLSM!!!!!, so terrible, I lost my social life,  I started since 0, but finally after some months of hard study I got it!!, just 2 hours ago (March 3th,10). I would like to say thank you to all CLN, because here i found TALENT !, great people that share the knowledge without some interest, thank you :


      ciscoskeemz,BjoernK, John, Oscar V.E,Conwyn, Michael Law, Paul Stewart, Travis, Jared H., Jimmy Sands, IntegrationArchitect, connectbs, ExceptionalBoy,Scott Morris, Ryan Schuett, ErickB, harishtakkar, docrice and others!.


      My next step is to find a job! somebody knows about one??



      Greatings from Mexico!