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        Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security



        So what you are saying is Cisco is in violation of their own policy?









        This is a PDFof all cut scores and CCSI scores although it is late 2005












        This is a resume on Cisco's web site with CCNA candidates score









        In the following URL Cisco says they don't post scores because they are subject to change not that there is any associated violation. I think this is the only logical explanation for not publishing the pass score. As an employer asking a prospect, can I not ask a candidate his score? Will he lose his certification if he tells me?











        Cisco needs to be reasonable. Not allowing people to discuss the pass score and their own score is rediculous.

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          B Haines


          I am more than happy to call this a dead thread but I would like to clarify that I never posted an actual number/score. If you reread my post you can tell that (hence the missed by one comment). The truth is that I still don't recall exactly what I scored on that exam without digging up the paperwork.. LoL I reiterate that I absolutely never posted an actual score but do not believe that posting a number such as 901 etc. would be a legitimate violation if I had posted it. Regardless, I will refrain from posting any scores here or on any forum in the future.

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            Nini Reed

            Hello All,


            Again, Cisco does not publish exam scores and prohibits anyone else from publishing exam scores. This means, the exam score (pass or failed) should not be posted on any discussion, blog, document, etc.


            The link you listed in your post with the scores is for CCSI's only, this has been removed.


            Anyone can provide you with their exam score, that's their perogative. However, it can not be posted on any discussion, blog, document, etc. since Cisco prohibits anyone from publishing exam scores.


            Please understand the underlying violation is "publishing" the exam score.



            Nini - Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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              Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security


              Can we represent ourselves as our certifications state? I am a CCSP so I passed certain exams (I hope I can say that). Some are CCIE's so they passed certain exams. I am confused as the intent of this forum. Can we not give ourselves credibility to help others? If we passed an exam it does just that to the forum and to employers. If we cannot state we passed and achieved certification, what's the point of the exam?



              Also, are you stating that we can't even say on our own blogs if we "pass" a test even if the score is not posted?



              One more note. All of the above links were publicly available for everyone. I don't know what the point is and why CLN insists on treating everyone like children. This is generally not the way Cisco operates. I have a great relationship with cisco employees in the area and this forum does not refelect the general culture. I'm done talking about it. I will simply decide to post elsewhere if this forum doesn't get real.



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                Matt Kerry

                I think you've mis-read Nini's post. Nini's saying you shouldn't post your exact score regardless of whether you pass or fail, not that you can't say whether you passed or failed the exam.

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                  Nini Reed

                  Hi Paul,


                  Again, Cisco does not publish exam scores, this is what the post/violation is related to. Exam scores can not be posted on any discussion, blog, document, etc. since Cisco prohibits anyone from publishing exam scores. Your more than welcome to give yourself credibility, otherwise, the certification would mean nothing to anyone other than yourself. We want you to show that you are Cisco certified and welcome new Cisco certified individuals. What Cisco does not want is the exam scores published.


                  Please understand the underlying violation is "publishing" the exam score.



                  Nini - Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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                    B Haines


                    Why then did I receive a violation warning? For stating that I missed the exam by one question? In your posts you stated that I posted a score and this is the "violation" yet you also stated that I did not commit a "violation". I most definitely did not post an actual score. I am certain that a log is available to monitor moderator post alterations for a certain period of time. I would ask that you review yours as you will see that you have me confused with someone else.


                    The major issue here is lack of communication. If you would have simply said please refrain from posting exam scores as it is a violation of the NDA then I would have happily corrected you and been on my way. In stead you sent me a message that looked, in all earnest, as if I was indeed in violation (which I wasn't) and that is what prompted this post. All is forgiven but I would appreciate it if you would quit stating that I posted (and thus violated NDA) my score. If you insist that I did violate this score then please forward this to your supervisor so that log records may be checked and you can be proven wrong.

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                      There is a slight change in your first response vs the second response, which makes it read very differently.  Perhaps you could post the exact language from the policy you referring too.  That way we will not continue to be confused.


                      First Response

                      "The warning was not to offend or deter anyone from the Cisco Learning Network site, however, it was a notification to those who had posted their exam scores that Cisco does not publish exam scores or prohibit anyone else publishing exam scores. The exam scores have since been removed from the original e-mail thread, and this may explain why no one knew the reason for warning that was sent. "


                      Second response

                      "Per the last post, Cisco does not publish exam scores and prohibits anyone else publishing exam scores. The exam scores that were in the original e-mail thread have since been removed, this appears to explain why no one knew or understands why B Haines received the violation warning."

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                        Hi C.


                        Unfortunately you did not put your name at the end of your comment so I assume your initial letter is c.


                        The last post by Billy was 07-Nov-2008 09:51 which is over one year ago. I was wondering about your motivation for re-newing this discussion. CLN has changed with time in many ways but I think it is understood by all not to post either personal results or the required pass mark. We congratulate everybody who passes and posts. Many people who take Cisco exams may not take their exams in their first language, in different environments and been taught in many different ways so if somebody has taught themselves using old equipment  then compared to somebody who has received formal training and a boot camp  I do not think their marks can be compared.


                        Regards Conwyn

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                          I brought this up early on during the initial days of the CLN - generalized warnings are useless and offensive.


                          To shotgun a generic warning to a tenured member shows a lack of respect; if you cannot take the time to properly explain what the alleged infraction was, don't bother sending a note. I speak from experience, as having been a moderator of a forum larger and much busier than the CLN currently is.


                          A few moments of the Staff's time to create a personal message in addition to the general shotgun warning, delineating the issue, goes a LONG way, especially in an industry focused on communication.

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                            Marko Milivojevic

                            One of the reasons many people, myself included, have decided not to post on CLN is precisely this incredible policy.


                            At one point, participants of early beta CCDE test were presented with blanket warning not to post test results, when we were discussing theoretical scoring approach Cisco may take.


                            If Cisco wants high quality discussions, Cisco should hire moderators that actually understand what is being told.




                            Speaking of scores, I may be asking too much, but why are we diallowed from stating "I scored that much"?



                            Marko Milivojevic - CCIE #18427

                            Senior Technical Instructor - IPexpert


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                              Dear and Respected All,


                              I don`t want to ignite those discussion further.But what I DO want is the participation of all the SENIORS who`ll guide juniors like me.I don`t wanna loose anybody from here.Please CICO authority do something regarding this!!!!!!Otherwise novice like me will be greatly disheartened.


                              Take care.Hope to see the lively participation of all of ours!!!!






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                                Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security

                                This is a really old topic.  I certainly voiced my objections which were mostly as Travis stated.  I personally don't see an issue with posting a score, but warn others not to do so when I see it since it is against the policy here.  It does upset a poster to get warned. I certainly believe that no one should post anything, anywhere that compromises the integrity of the certifications programs. I think the intents of Learning@Cisco are good in this regard.

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                                  The Whole Certification Program needs Change, overhaul !


                                  There are rumors that CCIE scoring has changed to make passing CCIE lab extremely difficult. Only a couple people has passed new CCIE lab 4.0.


                                  Of course, cisco policy is to not make any type of announcement. If you prepared for old CCIE lab and not find out about change, you would fail and loss $1,400.00 for lab!  That would make me very very very MADDDDD!


                                  I doubt that if you new about change before attempting lab, you would still go in and take a shot at it. New scoring needs new approach.

                                  There are no financial benefits of becoming CCIEs and costs of training are high.





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                                    Martin, it seems that you've become rather disenchanted with Cisco certifications since it became public they are re-vamping the CCNP.


                                    I will leave most of that alone, and I do not visit sadikhov often at all, so I did not read your links.  However, there are most definitely financial benefits to having a CCIE.  I get approached every month for jobs making $120K+ in the US, that I am mostly qualified for, except for that magical CCIE number.  So, at the point in your career, where growth becomes limited by your status regarding being a CCIE, I imagine your perspective may change.


                                    Also, they have been VERY forthcoming about changes to the CCIE lab, moreso than most of the other certifications, with webcasts, chat sessions, lots of documents being posted, and lots of interactive sessions with Cisco reps.  I'm actually quite impressed to the lengths they have gone to, to make this as painless as possible.  The lab has always been hard, and with as many changes as they made to it, there will be growing pains.  I'm almost glad I'm not yet ready for the lab, as those pains should be worked out by then.


                                    In the end, though, not passing is simply a matter of not meeting the requirements to be labled an Expert.  Never before has there been so many exceptional training programs, sources for quality study materials, nor communities of dedicated individuals to assist in preparing for it.  So, yes, it may have gotten harder, but that will keep the prestige of the certification aloft, if that is the case.  I certainly do not want it to become too easy, otherwise your efforts would be in vain.