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      Please introduce yourself, and let us know why you're pursuing your certification.

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          Eric A. Nygren

          Hi everyone,


          I'm Eric, your Study Group Leader for CCNA Wireless (yes, I'm running the CCNP Wireless Study Group as well). I am a Cisco employee whose primary job function is to train our TAC (Technical Assistance Center) Engineers in the ways of Wireless, amoung other things. I have obtained my CCNA Wireless Certification and am working on my CCNP Wireless with the end goal of CCIE Wireless. I will be here to help answer your questions about CCNA Wireless, specific technology questions, give study advice, but really just to help steer the conversation. This should be a place where people with a common goal, to achieve CCNA Wireless certification, can come to study, bounce ideas off of each other and help each other get to that goal. It should be a lot of fun, good luck,



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            Hooray!!!!    Finally, a CCNA Wireless Study group!


            I am Jared and I am pursuing this certification because I work in an environment where wireless is grwoing very quickly!  I am preparing to deploy wireless in 18 buildings.


            I figure that if I am working with it, I may as well certify in it.  Hopefully, certififying will make me that much better in the wireless area.


            I have a mixed Lightweight and Autonomous environment, both APs and Wireless bridges.  My plan is to eventually migrate all APs to Lightweight and keep my bridges as autonomous.  I really don't see the need or benefit of having bridges converted to Lightweight.


            I am running 6.0 code on two WiSM blades for the 6500 along with WCS 6.0.  It is a little different than the CCNA Wireless curriculum such as CAPWAP vs. LWAPP, but I am hoping that won't be too much of a hinderance.   I also have a Cisco Spectrum Expert that I have not had much time to play with, but from what I can tell so far, it is way cool and a great tool to use to troubleshoot RF interference.


            Things I really need to brush up on are RF theory, CCX, CSSC, Small Business solutions and Cisco Spectrum Expert.

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              Ronald Nutter

              Many thanks for opening up this study group.  I know it will be very useful for all of us.


              Currently have  CCNA, CCNA Security and CCSP.  I work for a large national engineering firm that is beginning to deploy LWAP across all of our 95 offices.  I have already purchased a 2106 controller for my home lab along with a 1230 and 1240 series AP.


              For too long, wireless has been a poor step child with us.  Going forward with LWAP, I want to do it right so that we get the best performance and security possible.


              I am looking at CCNA Wireless to help with job security, performance and hopefully a little more $$ in my pocket <G>.



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                Ahmed Sultan

                wow , i'm not like anyone who reply before me , i just finfished my CCNA certification and want to go depth in Wireless

                so i'd like to start with CCNA Wireless ,

                i'm just 20 years old and want to be professional in this field , so could anyone help me and show me the right steps to get CCNA Wireless certification as long as enough experience ?

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                  Personally, I think that hands on will be a requirement of CCNA Wireless.  Having to deal with controllers, both CLI and GUI and being able to convert an AP from autonomous to Lightweight, knowing the different cisco clients, lets not forget WCS...there is just too much to learn and not having some type of hands on is going to make it difficult.


                  I usually do self study because my employer has a very low training budget.  So as I look at Learning Partners, I usually look at if they have a course that is available on CD or DVD so I can have the instructor lead course, but do it at my own pace.  Because of the hands on need for CCNA Wireless, I have not found a Cisco Learning Partner who offers such an option.  All classes seem to be instructor lead in the class room only because the hands on is really needed.


                  Just my opinion.

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                    Ahmed Sultan

                    Thanks Jared H for your opinion

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                      Hi Eric,


                      There will be some of us that are very excited to get the discussions rolling.  If I may, I'd like to divert attention to the CCNA Security Study group.  There, Paul Stewart was leading the discussion and it seemed to be going really good.  I am not sure what you have in mind but you may want to take a peek at that as a template.


                      I would imagine that we are all at different areas in our CCNA Wireless studying.  I have read through the CiscoPress book 3 times and have been reviewing, hoping to take the test in the next month or two.


                      Look forward to your lead!

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                        Hi All,


                        Great to see this group for CCNA-wireless.


                        I'm Rasika working for a university in AU. There is enormous growth in this technology in recent past & need to have depth of knowledge of the subject. Believe this is the first step for that


                        Best Regards


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                          Welcome to the group Rasik!

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                            My name is Oded.

                            I think it is great to have such a study group.

                            I am working for an integration company and deploy wireless networks for our client from most vendors for 2 years.

                            I believe that I will do the exam within 3 to 4 months from now - going through the material and assessing the amount of time I need to prepare - any ideas?

                            • 11. help me about CCNA(WIRELESS).

                              please tell me that can i give the exam just by booking a slot of ccna....i dnt want to join any institute......so am i eligible for that....

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                                Eric A. Nygren



                                There is no requirement for taking the exam... you can just sign up at www.vue.com, schedule your test at a local center, show up and take it.

                                Cisco doesn't care how you learned everything you know, just that you know everything you need to know for the exam.

                                In order to recieve the CCNA: Wireless Certification you also have to hold a current, valid CCNA certification.  You can still take the CCNA: Wireless Exam without having been CCNA Certified, but you will not receive your CCNA: Wireless Certification until you have both 1) passed the CCNA: Wireless Exam and 2) posses a valid CCNA Certification.


                                -Eric N

                                Study Group Leader

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                                  Marcus Fan

                                  Hello.  My name is Marcus and for years I had been requesting a wireless certification.  It took me a long time to find a technology that I was very passionate about.  Prior to joining Cisco, I thought I knew a lot about networking, but a couple days on the job, I realized there was much to be learned.  I wanted to make sure my skills complimented my team.  We had so many CCNPs that I decided to explore the different routes.  I was set on either CCIP or CCSP.  In the end, I went through all the tracks.


                                  I spent 3 years working on autonomous APs in IT and 2 years on LWAPP of which 6 months on CAPWAP in engineering.  I've joined this group to help out where I can.

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                                    Welcome Marcus!  I have seen a video presentation of yours that intoduces the different various controllers and such.  Good to have you in the group.

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