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    Live sessions minutes and next steps

    Antonella Corno

      Hi everyone -

      thank you all for attending in a productive way our live sessions next week. The group keeps growing, and this is positive for our future steps. Pls keep inviting whoever is interested, since the effective of a community like this is highly relying on everyone contributes.


      Here is what I have captured from our live sessions last week, pls let me know if I missed anything.


      - Group participants are mostly preparing for written exam (data from live calls and poll on the group)

      - Most of the people preparing for written are at an early stage

      - Major concern for written prep is getting familiar with good prep material

      - Major concern for lab is to get ideas for best practices during lab (time management, tracking the configuration status...)

      - Best way to continue with the group is to split the group in written prep and lab prep

      - Written prep subgroup plan:

           * review together blueprint

           * in depth review of the prep material

           * prepare a rough study plan together

           * Study for one item for each session and discuss our findings at the next session

           * talks are fine

           * will try to invite guest speakers

      - Lab prep subgroup plan:

           * get a list of scenarios (preferred approach is to get the scenarios for the group, second ption from config guide or from not-exam aware SMEs)

           * each one prep on the next scenario

           * common review on live gear during call

      - Schedule should alternate morning session and evening sessions, frequency to be defined


      Next action: group provide feedback to this minute; Antonella set up next calls (separate for written and lab, everyone is welcome to be part of either/both)


      Thanks! Antonella