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    route EIGRP networks over preferred route


      I wanted to pick some brains on this.


      I have basically 3 networks.  Each network has 2 ISP's.  I've built 2 tunnels from each network to the other networks basically making the topology look like a triangles inside another triangle.


      I'm using EIGRP to   the line and that's working great, however here is where what I want to do starts to get tricky. On one ISP, I have class of service setup for Voice and business critical apps, ie telnet. (each on a separate subnet).  The ISP with COS is a slower connection than the other, but I feel more reliable, especially for COS1 and COS2 traffic.  So, I'd like to not   that VoIP and telnet traffic, but instead force them to use one tunnel over another while still allowing it to failover in the case of an outage.


      I guess my main question is can I do this?  And how?  I tried to build more tunnels, but upon setting up a tunnel with the same source and destination the original tunnel drops.  I was hoping to f ool with the metric on the new tunnel to make it look like it's better, and then build another EIGRP attonomous system ID with these networks. I can't think of the command off the top of my head, but I believe there is an EIGRP command that will let use one path, I hoped to use that to accomplish what I wanted.  But for all of this to work, I needed 2 tunnels from the same destination to the same host, which apparently is a bust.


      Has anyone done anything like this before?