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    CCNP changing to 3 tests?  Route, Switch, and Troubleshoot??

    balloon pilot



      I heard that the CCNP could be changing to 3 tests?  Route, Switch, and Troubleshoot??

      In prometric website Ive seen possible evidence of it.

      any truth to it?


      I will have both bsci and ont tests done.. ok. is the ont for nothing?

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          Troy Perkins

          Do you mean the Pearson Vue website?  And can you post a link to where you saw this?  I just registered for my BSCI and saw they still have all four tests available and plus I wouldn't trust anything until I hear it from Cisco first.



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            Hi Ballon


            As far as I have seen on CLN Cisco are in denial. Normally there is a migration period for people to take the old exams for six (?) months and the CCNP is valid until normal expiry. Scott had commented on the need for problem solving skills and I had suggested a core called the CCXP which would be routing and switching and that seems to tie in with the evidence from Pearson books. From the CCXP I suggested you could take specialisation depending on your specific requirement. Cisco may be preparing a fanfare announcement. It is worth remembering that a training company was offering CCNP Wireless before Cisco announced it so we await the Cisco announcement.


            Regards Conwyn

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              Troy Perkins

              Although any answer here will be purely speculation until Cisco actually announces something could it be that BCSI will be Route, BCMSN will be Switch and something else will be Troubleshoot?  And if so, if you passed your BSCI and BCMSN you get upgraded to the Route and Switch part?  Again, anything will be speculation.



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                balloon pilot

                I would think that anyone w/ BSCI would get credit for 'route' and those who took bcmsn would get credit for 'switch' , but what if you had only one of ont or icsw?   I knew I should have studied for bcmsn next.  maybe I should wait it out and see if they drop some of the 'undesirable' parts of ONT.  I am scheduled for my ont test in 2 weeks.  Id hate to be in a hurry to get my icsw done after.

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                  Troy Perkins

                  Well in your case Baloon I would hope that the grace period Corwyn mentioned would apply to you.  If you pass the ONT (and I hope you do) and all you have left is the ICSW I would guess that you would have a grace period to get that exam done and complete your CCNP.  If they make this change within the next few months (3-6) and our your speculation on the BSCI=Route, BCMSN=Switch is correct I will be ok since, barring that I pass my BCSI next week, I was planning on starting the BCMSN anyways.  My time frame for my CCNP is one year so I have time to wait and see what they are going to do.  But I am going to continue anyways until I hear something.



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                    I would like to see the CCNP and the CCIP merge, and remain the CCNP.  Make it five tests.  BCMSN, BSCI, QoS, Troubleshooting, and BGP+MPLS(or you can break those two down).


                    Reason is, QoS and BGP are no longer only SP technologies.  I've worked on two global networks in the past several years that use BGP as a major internal routing protocol.  One also used MPLS as an internal technology.  QoS is here to stay.  Troubleshooting is very badly needed to be integrated into the CCNP.


                    Last, but not least, is that if the CCNP is supposed to be a stop prior to the CCIE - or at least designed to be a progression or learning tool - it should reflect that a little more.  Then the CCNP could be the precurser for both the R&S and SP CCIE exam tracks.

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                      I have heard the inital announcment will be made in November this year, New CCNP starts Fall next year,

                      Those books are being in production have 2010 date.

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                        Cisco usually gives people six months or so, at least, to adjust to the new certification requirements and to try and finish up the track they've begun.  This can be as much as a year heads up, I've seen, or as little as six months.


                        In any event, the CCNP is due to be updated, and I can only hope they at the very least increase the amount of BGP in the exams, and add in a troubleshooting exam.

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                          gee, I did ONT first then just passed BSCI last week.  Started next on BCMSN but am sure I can't even finish that in a year let alone six months.  I know Cisco has right to change tracks at will but I'm starting to feel like a chump even trying to keep up. What a waste of money on the ONT book and test fees, and don't even mention how much time it took away from my family.


                          Some of us work full time and have other obligations besides, simply can't spend all our time studying.  Doesn't seem worth it to start anything if Cisco doesn't "grand-father" in those who've already started down the current track, allowing them the duration of time they have left of their 3-year 'start to finish' from date of first test.  Whatever.  I'm getting to old and too tired for this stuff.  I also don't see that it's helped me much to pursue it. The CCNA was a plus, I sure don't see much demand for the CCNP though.

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                            Sue, so easy to dishearten!  Also - reading up on actual policies helps.  Here's how it usually works.....


                            Cisco will announce when exams will retire, generally six months in advance.  This gives people enough time to decide if they want to continue on their current studies for whatever exam(or few exams) they are working on.  It also lets folks know, if they haven't started, the time frame they have left to complete that exam/exams.


                            Now, when they retire the current exams, it does NOT invalidate any exams from the old track.  If you start studying for BCMSN now, and they change the track, you'll merely need to adjust to the new test(which will not be a world of difference, probably just an update on that one), and then you can take it.  Your BSCI will still count, and your ONT will probably still count.  If you haven't passed the ISCW exam by the time the new exams come around, you'll have to take it's equivalent.


                            Cisco generally takes into consideration folks like yourself, and builds a transition from old exams into new ones, as they did the last time they refreshed the CCNP and added the ONT and ISCW exams.   They know this stuff isn't cheap or easy, and try to balance their obligation to keep these exams current and relavant, while also trying to avoid making everything impossible for folks like us.


                            I was in this same situation two and a half years ago - when Cisco announced they were changing the CCNP then.  Know what I did?  Shifted focus while they printed the new materials and got my CCDA.  Now, it is happening to me again, with the CCIE R&S Lab, they changed the blueprint and I am waiting for vendors to update their materials.  So, I used this time to study for my CCDP ARCH exam.  Make the most of your time, it will help!!




                            Also - not sure what kind of position you are in right now, or what kind of jobs you are looking for - but most Cisco-centric positions I have looked into over the past year and a half MANDATE the CCNP, and list the CCIE R&S Lab as a major plus.  Now most of the jobs I am pursuing list the CCIE as a strongly desired skill.  As your career progresses, as do the requirements placed upon you to continue that progression.  I'm not sure where you are living at, but this is my personal experience.  Obviously YMMV, but many of us need that CCNP just to be competitive in the job market(I need my CCIE at this point to be competitive!).  All depends on what your goals are.

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                              Don't worry any tests you've already passed are still good for 3 years.  If a new curriculum is announced Cisco will publish an equivalency chart.  Just because the test is expired doesn't mean you won't get credit for passing the test.  All it means is you can no longer sign up for the test.  Meaning you'll be able to mix-and-match depending on you circumstance.


                              Much like in college, over the 4-5 years you are there certain classes come and go.  But you'll always receive credit for a class you already took.  And if the class is no longer offered, there's usually an equivalent course available.

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                                Your analogy to college curriculum is pretty apropo.  When I was in college (30 years ago mind you) they just didn't change that much or all that often. I got one of the first 4 year degrees in CS offered at my university (most folks with designs on Computer work studied math or engineering back then). 


                                My brother-in-law, attending college some 15 years later ended up being jacked around so much as curriculum kept changing that he finally chose another college to complete his education.  Sure, they gave him credit for what he'd taken, it just didn't do any good because those no longer were part of the  'required' courses...in other words the required courses kept changing.  What he had no longer applied to the degree he wanted.  He had over 130 hours total, more than most 4 year degrees require, and the bulk of them were in his field of study, but STILL didn't have the required 'core' courses and was looking at...who knows how much longer?  Just depended on how many more times the univeristy changed the core requirements.


                                My nephew was going to a college in Indiana, same problem.  Studying History and also secondary education.  After nearly 3 years of school he still had 2 more to go because they kept changing the required courses.  Sure, they accepted his credits, the classes show on his transcript but they were of no use to his final goal. He finally dropped out becuase he simply ran out of money to keep up. That was 2 years ago.  He's struggling now because he can't find a job with "half a degree" but he couldn't afford to keep playing the "pea under the shell" game.  There oughta be a law...know what I mean?  It's a game to the universities these days.  Two nieces in two different nursing schools are fighting that same battle.  They just keep re-defining what the requirements are to graduate and they don't grandfather anyone in.


                                I'm glad Cisco isn't as bad as the universities are but, it still is kind of disconcerting.  I may have credit for the ONT but it may be no earthly good toward the new CCNP, whatever that ends up looking like.  Not sure if I should bother with BCMSN since I know good and well I can not finish in 6 months and whatever changes they make will take effect in that time frame, or possibly could. I could be wasting a lot of time here.


                                Thanks for the encouragement.  I will watch for more details.

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                                  Troy Perkins



                                  You might be able to study for the BCMSN within the next 6-12 months and be able to pass either the BCMSN or the new CCNP: Switch.  Granted, everything we are talking about now is speculation but if they do make the CCNP: Routing, Switching and Troubleshooting it will most likely be that the BCMSN becomes Switching with maybe just a few additions to it.  I have started studying for the BCMSN and plan to take it within 3 months but at the same time I am still going to keep my eye open for the changes.  What is resonating through this thread is don't stop studying when none of have an solid facts/details but be ready to read up on any changes when they come.



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