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      What are the best books to prepare for CCNA Wireless?

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          There are two books you can read. The CCNA Wireless Official Exam Cert Guide, it is for the previous exam but still valid, and the CCNA Wireless Quick Reference for 640-722.

          Read through the Exam topics and you will be able to see what you have to know.

          I have learned much from reading documents from Cisco.com and allso googleing.




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            Matt Saunders - Community Manager

            Great answer here Phillip. Thank you for the commenting!

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              Todd Lammle has also made a CCNA Wireless book. You may check that out (on amazon). I will not make any recomandations, since I have only read about half of Lammle's book, and no other Wireless books.

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                Why did you only read half the book? Was it not good enough? Did you read only the chapters relevant to the knowledge you required at the time?



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                  It hasn't anything to do with the book, thats for sure. I did take CCNA i May, I then started reading for wireless, and then in August suddenly people was contacting me about job offers. I kind of didn't feel confident enough on routing and switching, so I started on reading for CCNP R&S.

                  I have now started in the new job. It's a little early to plan ahead maybe, but so far the plan it that when I'm a CCNP. I'm  goinng to start over again studying for CCNA wireless (or maybe security/firewall)

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                    Matt Saunders - Community Manager

                    Congratulations on the job Asleboy!

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                      I read Todd's book and really like his books.  When I studied for the CCNA I read Todd's book, and also used the CCNA flash cards and was able to pass the exam.  I Just finished Todd's CCNA Wireless book and I am now going through the IUWNE exam topics on the Cisco Learning network.  I'm taking lots of notes and feel pretty confident that I'll nail this on my first try, the Cisco Learning network really has some good material.  They have Slide decks with presenters, white papers, simlits and so on.


                      Check it out https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/certifications/wireless_ccna/iuwne?tab=2

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                        I took the test yesterday and failed miserably. I really can't overstate how much I hated this test. There are multiple questions that are written without enough information to accurately pick an answer unless you assume certain background information (thats never provided). There were multiple questions where I immediately knew the answer, yet when I am reading through the multiple choices each one was written so confusingly I couldn't make heads or tails of what they are saying. The only good thing I can say about the test was at least the Simulations seemed fair and actually covered content from the books, but its extremely difficult to translate content in a book to knowing how to navigate GUIs of a system.


                        There was absolutely no way I could of passed this test using the Quick Reference guide or Lammle's book, both of which I read cover to cover, twice, and took detailed notes on. There were multiple questions that were not covered by either book in anyway. I'm not a bad test taker or bad at studying, I've never failled a cert test until yesterday. Between the super awkward test and missing info in the books feel like there wasn't anyway I could of passed yesterday, even if I had doubled my amount of study. I feel like I might be able to now that I know what to expect, but feel like quality control on the book/test are way, way below what they are in comparison to route/switch.

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                          Pete Nugent

                          Menesto you say its extremely difficult to translate content in a book to knowing how to navigate a GUI. I agree and that would suggest you have limited experience on a controller. I am not trying to undermine your attempt but being a good test taker and someone who knows how use the controller and setup a controller.


                          I do know that the material around the WLAN exams is sparse and there were errors in the books when I was studying.


                          Get some hands on if you can it will help a great deal and good luck in your next attempt.


                          Please ask questions that may help as everyone here will happily support you.

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                            I would suggest you download the virtual controller, you can run it in vmware workstation you just need to get the ova extracting tool or put it in your ESX lab at work or home.  I use a virtual controller and a couple of AP's with ISE and Prime on trial versions just for testing.  I have also used the virtual controller for some studies as well.

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                              Hello Guys,


                              Can anybody know that ccna wireless have any lab manual book in ciscopress?

                              Thanks in Advance.

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                                I was a technical editor on Todds book, Cisco CCNA Wireless. Its a a very good starting point. Keep in mind, you should read the exam requirements and pull in different sources for each topic.