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    Passed CCNA.


      Hello everyone,


      I passed CCNA yesterday. First of all, I want to thank everyone on the forum for answering my sometimes-curious-and-strange questions


      The syllabus was relatively easy for me to understand, as I hold a postgraduate university degree in computer networks. However, I have to say I am impressed with the topics covered by CCNA, as there were many concepts we didn't even touch in university!  Of course the knowledge required for a cisco certification is more technical-oriented than the knowledge acquired in university, but now I can see that having both the academic and the practical/technical knowledge is a great advantage.


      I also need your opinion about what will be the best thing to learn after CCNA. I'm now working as a Network engineer (since three weeks ago ). I'm thinking to start studying for CCNA wireless or CCNA security. Do you think that such a certification will be useful, or is it better to go straight to CCNP ? Also, what non-cisco certification will be most useful combined with Cisco knowledge ? for example, is it worth to go for a Microsoft or Linux Certification ?





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          My personal opinion is to go for the CCNP then head for a concentration.  i really don't think it would be a mistake if you went straight for the CCNA wireless or security.  I think both of those certifications are nice certifications.  I have got some microsoft certifications to accompany my cisco knowledge.  I prefer to be a well rounded engineer that way I can better lead a team.  That's my opinion.

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            Congrats harris i would also recommend whats suggested above as i am also preparing for ccnp and now i realise that the topics covered in ccna are just the tip of the iceberg they only introduce the topics but ccnp is what actually explains you evrything in detail....




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              Congratulations, Harris! Let us know which path you decide to choose.




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                Hi Harris,


                Rickey's advice is good. CCNP is always a good place to go to next.


                As for the Microsoft stuff i would recommend doing the either MCSE or MCSA or do a good MCITP...


                Your current position what type of business is it. Enterprise/SP/Data Centre?


                Let us know and we can improve on our recommendations.



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                  Congratulations on the pass!


                  Isn't it great to see your hard work pay off!


                  Best wishes,



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                    Darwin R CCNA/CCDA

                    Hello Harris,


                    Everyone appears to be pointing you in the right direction.


                    Good going and many more successes.





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                      Congrats on the pass!  As for what to do next, if it were me, that would depend on my current job.  I would do what ever would apply to my job the most and help me improve in my job the most.  For my situation, after getting CCNA, I went for the CCNP because it covers routing switching, wireless, security & qos.  I do 4 out of those 5 things so CCNP seemed to be a good fit.  I have now gone back and am working on CCNA Wireless and will be pursuing CCNA Security & CCDA.


                      Good Luck in whatever you do.

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                        Jimmy Sands

                        Congrats my man....

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                          Thanks for the info!


                          The company I'm working for, provides Network Infrastructure and security solutions to other companies. I'm mostly involved with cisco products in work.


                          What certification can help you to acquire more knowledge in specific topics like security or wireless ? CCNP or CCNA security/wireless ?





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                            I'm a newcomer in this and I'm currently pursuing my CCNA certification. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how I should go about studying for the exam. I'm looking for the most inexpensive route as for successfully studying for this exam. Any information or suggestions that you can give me will be much appreciated.