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    need help regarding certification??


      I have done my CCNA certification.....................I am in a confusion weather to enter the security side or wireless side??.............

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          KB Cohne

          There are many discussions about this and really what it comes down to is personal preference. Security will always be evolving and changing. Wireless standards get set and besides the security side you pretty much know what is expected. I personally think security is far more interesting.

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            Darwin R CCNA/CCDA

            Hello Theaj,


            KB is correct. There are a lot of dicussions on both technologies and between the both it's a preference thing. All areas have there +'s and -'s. If it's finance motivated, listen with a grain of salt to what the top analyst groups are saying. They survey leadership and technical experts on what's hot and what's not. When it all boils down, they will give you a 'high level' look into the future of what areas of technology will/may be around and the financial outlook.


            Now if what you're looking at is self satisfaction, of course the above applies (you do have to eat and put kids through college), but in this case you should weigh likes and dislikes with both. Outside of the obvious that will come at you in 3D (doing 8 hours of work a day...), you may want to consider the possibility of being certified in an area and not actually performing all the fun stuff you learned. In major corperations, most jobs functions are segmented within various groups. In other words, you may be doing a fraction or less of what you've learned every day, by day by day by day.


            I don't want to turn this into the next 'war and peace' novel, but research is your best tool when making a life altering decision like this one.


            May the force be with you,