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      So i just passed my CCNA with a 976/1000. YAYY ME! My question is, What should I do now.  I currently work at a VERY very slow help desk job, but I'd like to find something better.  The only benefit to the help desk life is that I can study near 40hours a week while getting paid. I already have my A+, Network+, Security+, and CCNA plus a year experience in help desk, as well as, a year as a field tech.  My experience is a little sucky but thats because im only 21yrs old.  So anyhow, I got three main options I could go with :


      Option 1. I could go straight into CCNP.

      Option 2. I could gather basic MS server or linux certs but which one first? I'm great with both MS and Debian based linux(thanks to backtrack)

      Option 3. I love ethical hacking. Should I focus all my free time on penetration testing? The CEH cert is too costly to even think about and I would end up with nothing to show for my knowledge. Even if I do, I doubt penetrating testing is much of a highly desired skill(maybe even a negative on most resume). But then again, how could a Network Admin really do his job without understanding blackhats?



      ####Note that with both options 2 and 3, I will return for the CCNP before my CCNA expires####