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    CCIE Wireless 350-050 Quick Reference - Error List?


      Hi All,

      Started studying for the CCIE Wireless and decided to pick up the Quick Reference guide to go over a few things.  However as I started to flip through it, a few blatant errors popped up and have me concerned that there are more that I won't know are errors.  So, does anyone know if there is a published appendium to this resource that points out the mistakes or a correction list?




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          Pete Nugent

          I am not aware of anything but I would be interested to study this with you as a study partner I will be starting this in the next week or so. Equally I would be interested if you could highlight the errors you have found.

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            Pete, I'm not sure how good of a partner I could be, but more then happy to help in anyway I can.   Right now, my home lab which is in our master bedroom closet is off limits as we're redoing the walls and need to paint.  My wife has impecable timing!

            As for the errors, like I said, I JUST started flipping through them perhaps I'm tired and misunderstanding, but the first one I noticed was:


            "In large networks, VLANs are implemented with the goal

            of reducing the size of the collision domain and thus improving performance."

            Erm, a collision domain is seperate by the fact it's connected a switch port. Each switch port is it's own collision domain.  However, a VLAN would be an individual Broadcast domain.


            And secondly:

            ■ A switch in VTP client mode does not allow VLANs to be managed locally and does not save VLAN information across


            ■ A switch in VTP transparent mode passes VTP updates transparently if the domain name matches, allows VLANs to be

            managed locally, and saves VLAN information across reloads.


            A switch that is configured as a VTP Client does indead save the VLAN information even if reloaded (assuming they mean reboot the switch).  This information is stored in the vlan.dat file.  I have to delete the file everytime I move a switch to a new location, you don't want any nasty overwrites occuring.  Now as far as the transparent switch goes.. I don't think it does save it after a reload, but I will have to check this for sure as I dont' have any switches set to transparent IRL.


            Edit:  I'm just screwed up and not understandin, please some one school me.  I hate when I read a 'text' book to find it differs to my real world knowledge.

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              Pete Nugent

              I agree to all of the aove except VTP transparent that it does save across a relaod, provided you have saved the config.


              I see these as silly mistakes and yes quite obvious but I probably wouldn't have spotted them as I gloss over some stuff!


              My lab is currently partly tucked under a lamp table in the corner of the lounge. The rest is up in my office.


              OK I will start reading through this tomorrow. My weak area really is QoS and routing. Do you have ny weak areas?

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                Silly yes.. but it throws me for a loop.  What's a mistake that I don't know is a mistake then?!  Gets me freaked out.  QoS and Routing would be my weak areas as well.  I haven't done routing in a long while and most of that was eirgrp.  Switch wise, our Voip guy just wants auto qos so no hands on there really. Though I did pickup a CME Router to play with when I have access back to the closet.

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                  Pete Nugent

                  I picked up a 2800 router to add voice to my lab and I have a little QoS tool to inject packets with specific QoS settings to track them at various points. I also got a few wireless phones but I have not configured them as I am not a voice guy.


                  Auto QoS is great but you doubt they will not let you use auto QoS in the exam. A trick I did learned is to configure auto QoS on the core switch, copy the settings to notepad. Reload the switch without saving and add the config details after reload so in essence you have no trace of auto QoS.

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                    You know I wondered if you could get away with something like that.  Have you sat the lab yet at all?  I haven't even taken the written.  To be honest, although I have years of experience it's been a long while since I studied for a cert, so trying to get over that hurdle of sitting with a book and equipment at night after doing it all freaking day.   Right now my wife and I have come to a tenative agreement that she can deal with it if I do a Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or Sunday study session amid her construction projects (but I read every night).  So, I will keep reading the book tonight and tomorrow and if your game we can discuss on Thursday?

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                      Pete Nugent

                      Not sat the lab but I have not focussed on studying as I have been busy last year. Need to finish my CCNP and get the written done.


                      Would be great to chat I can set something up perhaps a conference bridge. Where in the world are you I am in the UK.