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    CCNA Data Center Recommended Reading?


      I am very interested in this certification. Is there currently a recommended reading list for exam preparation?

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          Oyama Hall

          I as well. The question is, how fast is Cisco going to bring out study material?

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            I have gone through the Cisco Press site and found nothing yet. The only thing I have found is traning classes by Fast Lane. INE doesn't have anything on their website  yet either. The whole track (CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE) are suppose to be great tracks and from what I have heard some of the most valuable tracks over the next few years.

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              Matt Saunders - Community Manager

              Hello Everyone!


              No official Cisco Press text just yet, but please take a look at the "Recomended Training Courses" section on this page: CCNA Data Center Certification Training. Also be sure to review our Study/Learn tab for Data Center!


              I look forward to your feedback on the content and participation in the group!



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                Any estimated timeline as to when there will be cisco press textbooks out? Is it safe to assume the cisco press books will be out in a year or two? Any specific reason why Cisco seems to put out the exam first before the study materials come out? I would think the study materials should come out at the same time the exams are ready or at least the study materials come before the exams do.



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                  Todd Lammle

                  I thought the same thing and looked for Cisco Press titles. I've been working on the CCNA Data Center book for over a month now, but i didn't have the complete Table of Contents (TOC) until yesterday. I am surprised that CP didn't rush to market, as they have the material already. My only thought is that they want you to take the class?

                  Todd Lammle

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                    Hey Todd! Thanks for the reply. I love your books as I have used them to study for CCNA as well as CCNA wireless! Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to your CCNA Data Center book. Thank you for your hard work!

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                      Todd Lammle

                      Thank you! I am very motived to write the book and am excited as well to teach the new bootcamps that I am just about done building. This is SO different than the CCNA/NP R/S jobs, books, classes! I am such a router and switch guy, and the DC is so much different, that actually having an R/S cert is irrelevent to this new DC cert.

                      I think that is why I love it so much; because it is so differnt than what I've been doing. The last year has been super hard, but super rewarding as well! I look forward to all my DC work, consulting and classes (as well as publishing my book) in 2013!!

                      Happy Thanksgiving.

                      Todd Lammle

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                        I would have to disagree with your statement of R/S being irrelevent to the new CCNA Data Center cert.  The cert is made up of two tests.  One of which goest over basic switching, vlanning, and IP addressing and routing concepts.  Seems very CCNA relevent to me.  Now the 2nd test is the one with all of the new cool stuff that is Data Center oriented.  It covers things like SANs, unified faberic, load balancing, unified computing, storage netowrking and such.


                        I am kind of suprised that they didn't make this like the original ccna concentrations and make the ccna a prerequisite and just do the second test for CCNA Data Center certification.  I think that would be a cool alt route to the CCNA Data center certification.

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                          Todd Lammle

                          You are 100% correct, Jared. I meant my statements to mean "R/S as to the Data Center Consulting" I am doing.

                          there is no routing/switching, nothing...some VPN's, but my 30 years in the industry, 22 years of routing, 17 year of switching provide me no background for what I meet on a day-to-day basis. It's so different, which makes it so facinating!

                          With that said, you're are correct and their does appear to have some internetworking background objectives. Nothing much more than CCNA or CCNP I think. I'll take the tests in a couple weeks and know full well how much that means.

                          Thank you for helping me clarifying my statement.

                          Todd Lammle

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                            Data center consulting?  Sounds interesting.  My struggle with the data center is unified computing.  I tired of being a server admin and made the switch to networking.  With data center technologies you are reintroduced to the system admin world with storage networking and virtualization.  My focus right now is wireless and design.

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                              Abhinay Mylavarapu

                              As of now, there are no official certification guides/ foundation learning guides available for CCNA Data Centre, but i found the following books to be useful to clear the concepts: {before any official guide is released by Cisco Press}

                              1) Cisco Data Centre Fundamentals.

                              2) Storage Networking Fundamentals

                              3) Cisco Campus Network Design

                              4) Cisco Top-Down Network Design.

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                                Maybe a search for data center 3.0 would be useful. 

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                                  Todd Lammle

                                  Jared, we're on the same page, however, you have more server experience than I do. Sure I was a Novel and NT guy, but those were different times. The server aspect of your career will help you with the virtulization part of the UCS - It was all new to me. I thought I understood VMWare, but I stuggled mostly with the virulization advanced configurations and storage technologies for a while, and I think that will be the hardest for "Cisco R/S" certified people coming into this technology. FCoE was challenging at first as well to me, but by reading and working on it, you can pick that up. The Nexus was also different, but that is a huge DC technology and it looks like an large exam topic as well.

                                  Again, this is an excellent topic and great career now for people, which is extremely exciting to me after all these years.

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                                    When we first implemented VMware, I was pretty much on board with what we were doing.  You are right, my server experience did help, but I still had much to learn.  The server admin had a much harder time understanding vlans than I did understanding his stuff.  Because of our organization, it doesn't make sense to unify everything.  We havnt made the jump to unifying storage and don't know if we ever will.

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