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    Bgp problem


      hello guys, i have a problem here ....
      i'm trying  to enter this command " show ip route " on ISP & R1 routers , but i cant see the Bgp routes in the table .
      so how can i configure it , and to make the Clients to ping the server "".

      the lab is attached.


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          Hey Sohaib,


          Not everyone is so lucky to have Packet Tracer. It's not freeware you know. So more people could help you if you posted a screenshot of your topology and config files in plain text.

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            Hi Sohaib


            First regarding BGP config on ISP router you had the wrong mask configured in your BGP Network statement . It does not match what is configured on the interface Fast 0/0 .


            Also ISP has no knowledge of the internal network past R1 . You could redistribute your OSPF routes into BGP ?

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              hi Sohaib, please post the configs instead of packet tracer files.


              your edge router must have a static route to ISP and the ISP to the edge router should also have a static route.

              second, are you running an IGP in your lan? BGP routes should first be learned via IGP, also depending on the IOS simulation that packet tracer uses, if im not mistaken, before 12.2(?T) you should use the no synchronization command.

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                hello guys ,
                here is my topolgy and its configs .


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                  Note that you're not advertising the subnet leading to Server0. Also, in your situation the following command does not make much sense as you have a BGP neighbor on that same link only:


                  network mask

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                    so , what shall i do here ?!!

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                      You want server0 to be reachable, so you have to advertise it via some routing protocol or a static route. You have only BGP on ISP router, and you want BGP to be doing something useful. On ISP try adding


                      router bgp 65002

                      no network mask

                      network mask


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                        it doesnt work ,

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                          If it does not work, something must be wrong. You as a network engineer can troubleshoot it. Are all participating interfaces in Up/Up state? Can ISP and R1 ping each other? Is there a BGP neighborship between them? Post output from both R1 and ISP:


                          show ip bgp summary

                          show ip protocols

                          show ip route

                          show ip bgp

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                            You need to advertise the network on R1 to the ISP so he knows how to direct the packets back.  Or since you have a static default route, just send R1 the default route via BGP.  Here is what you should have on the ISP router under BGP.



                            router bgp 65002

                            bgp log-neighbor-changes

                            no synchronization

                            neighbor remote-as 65001

                            neighbor default-originate

                            network mask


                            Since you are already redistributing the BGP route (default only) into OSPF, this should be advertised to all other OSPF routers.