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    New to CCIE forum


      hi friends

      i just completed my ccnp end of Feb.

      Got a job recently but is working 70% on Debian and Checkpoint.

      But the love and commitment for Cisco wants me to continue into CCIE path.

      i read the blue print the other day.

      is there a new group studying CCIE RS now i could join?

      or any newbies would like to group together and we start afresh..

      keep in touch.

      Good luck.

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          Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

          Welcome aboard, and good luck on your studies!



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            Francisco.Baena (CCIE R&S/SP)

            Best of luck Neuvin! Probably a piece of advice I would give you at this early stage is to remember that the CCIE is a different beast than the CCNP. As important as it's to get your digits, enjoy the learning journey (it could be a long one), don't just obsess about reaching your destination.


            Also remember that failing to plan is planning to fail. A lot of people brag about the 100s/1000s of hours they've done in GNS3, but is not about the quantity but about the quality of your studies. Have a plan when you start putting together your labs. As fun as L2 is, if you find yourself doing over and over L2 topologies and basic L3 just to be able to practice some BGP, then you know there gotta be a more efficient way.


            Forum wise, groupstudy is the de-facto (but is a mailing list, not a forum) for CCIE R&S, although INE & IPExpert also have forums of their own.


            Just my two cents


            Francisco Baena

            CCIE 25595 (R&S, SP)

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              Thank you Francisco.

              Will keep this in mind


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                Nice advice Francisco. I started studying recently to become CCIE, and I am feeling that I am heading that way slowly, hahah. But my problem is I don't know when to stop. The more I dig on a subject the deeper the hole gets, I just don't know when to say enough. Although I am not only studying for the exam, cos if one day I am a CCIE, I want to say it LOUDLY.

                Still don't know how study in an effecient way. May be after I try the exam once I will have a better idea.

                good luck Neuvin and thanks Francisco, will remember your advice.