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    HELP - CISCO ACE 4710 DESIGN Question


      Hi Everyone,


      First, I appreciate you reading my post.


      I have a client that wants to implement a Cisco ACE "Data Center" environment that with load balance for SharePoint  and SANs.  There is only two web front ends to load bablance.


      I have done plenty of research on config examples and design characteristics but I don't have the experience whith these appliances.  To make a long story short, I am attaching a diagram of what the infrastucture will look like but my concern is the link b/t the two collapsed core/distro 6509 switches.  There is a Layer 3 link between the two.


      Do the 6509s require a layer 2 connection for the context vlans anbd the FT vlan to traverse properly?


      Also, any tips on policy mapping and layer3/4/7 slb configuration would be greatly appreciated!!


      thank you,