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    I'm a CCNP - but I'm not satisfied with it

    Ferenc Kuris - CCIE #46451

      Hello all,


      Friday I just passed my TSHOOT exam - I'm a CCNP now! Everybody says: "Wow! You are a CCNP! Huh".

      When I opened my first Cisco book on 01/01/2011 (ICND1), I thinked it would be an amazing result to become a CCNP one day... A CCNP knows very lot... In routing, in switching, in general. I passed my CCENT on 11/03/2011 and my CCNA on 25/07/2011. After that I started to learn for CCNP... And now, I'm a CCNP. I should be proud for that, but I'm not. Why? Because a lot of cheeters, braindumpers out there. I know some very good CCNPs - and some very bad CCNPs. I worked hard for my certificate (for 8 months), but a lot of people did their within one week... Cheaters. Dumpers. And I'm very angry, because in paper we are the same - CCNP-CCNP, system engineer-system engineer. When we are at the CLI, we are not the same - these people can't configure a simple etherchannel or OSPF stub area... But they are CCNPs. I hope Cisco can do anything with that.

      I know one solution: CCIE. These people never can do that. Maybe I can't. But if I could do, we wouldn't be at the same level (in official).


      Have a nice day,



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