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    Interface-groups v/s AP-groups v/s AAA-override

    Vybhav Ramachandran



      I just wanted to check if the priority that in which Interface-groups, AP-groups and AAA-override operate is correct:


      • If the WLAN has no AP-Groups or AAA-override configured and if it has an interface-group allocated to it, then the client is allotted a VLAN from the interface-group
      • If the WLAN has an interface-group allocated to it but if the particular AP to which the client is associated to is part of an AP-Group which has a different interface mapping than the default interface mapping of the WLAN, then the AP-group's interface takes precedence
      • In either the first or the second case (above bullet points), if AAA-override is configured for the WLAN and an interface is returned from the RADIUS server after authenticating the client, then that takes precedence.


      Please let me know if my assumption is correct? I do realize that it's a little more complicated than this ( with DHCP-Required, client already having an IP, etc) , but i wanted to get clear on this particular concept.