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    CCDP Certification Track


      I am studying for CCDP track now.


      Do hold valid CCNP and CCNA/ CCNA Sec.


      My question is


      can i still be able to go CCDP with just CCDA And Arch only


      Passed my CCNP back on 2009.


      6 Jul 2009  642-901: Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks

      6 Jun 2009  642-845: Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks

      1 Jun 2009  642-825: Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks

      16 May 2009 642-812: Building Converged Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks



      Passed 642-617: Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Features on 26 Mars 2012.




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          That's a good question. Normally, you have to pass all exams for a cert 3 years from the date of passing the first exam. Which in your case would be May 19th 2012. With the ccdp I've heard others say they have gotten it with a valid ccnp. So I'm not sure. I think Rigo will give you a better answer.

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            Thanks for prompt reply DelVonte.. i am bit confused in this moment of time. waiting for an answer to my situation.





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              I would also be interested in the answer to this as I was considering the CCDP track and I currently have an active CCNP R&S (but from the old track ie 4 exams instead of 3) and currnet CCNP Voice. Do I only require CCDA and ARCH to achieve CCDP?

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                John Tiso



                Thank you for your interest in the CCDP program!


                Looking at your post, I do not think you are eligible to take only DESGN and ARCH at this point. However, to be 100% sure, you should open a case with our certification team:



                They can look at your actual profile in the system and determine that.





                John Tiso, CCIE#5162, CCDP

                Product Manager - Cisco Services

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                  Thanks John, I already done it, still waiting for any answer. Case number:01311103





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                    Hi Nabil,

                    I'm in a similar situation to yourself and I've just checked my certification tracking system and it shows that I just need CCDA and ARCH to qualify for CCDP.


                    This is my undertanding of your situation. Any 642-XXX exam automatically renews your CCNP for a further 3 years so your CCNP is valid until 2015.


                    There are 4 sections which must be completed to achieve CCDP.

                    Section A contains CCDA

                    Section B contains ARCH

                    Section C contains CCNP which you already meet the criteria

                    Section D is just the Career Certification Agreement.


                    As you have fulfilled the criteria for C and D you should just need CCDA and ARCH



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                      Hi Duncan;


                      Thanks for this clarification, i hope this is the case, if not, i will forget the professional level certs, and moving on to the ccie sec written.





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                        I'm pretty sure you need to pass DESGN and ARCH only to become a CCDP, just because you're holding an active CCNP.


                        Please let us know what reply you get from Cert Support.

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                          Rigo - Community Moderator

                          Hi Nabil/All,


                          For candidates who hold a valid CCNP certification and want to achieve the CCDP certification, they will only need to pass the 640-864 DESGN exam or hold a valid CCDA (or having a valid CCIE can act as a pre-requisite as well) AND they must also pass the ARCH exam. For additional details, please reference the following FAQ.


                          Nabil, since you already have a case opened with the Certification & Communities Online Support team, they will be able to look at your Certification Tracking System records and confirm the remaining CCDP requirements with you.




                          Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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                            Thanks gents for your assistance, i go reply today from CertSupport. and this is what they said...

                            "To achieve CCDP certification you must hold an active prerequisite of CCDA or any CCIE certification.  Then take and pass Arch exam while your CCNP is valid."


                            Passed CCDA 640-864 today..08/05/12


                            Soo,  i got till March 2015 for the Arch exam..