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    Vlans in a network with more than 1 router


      Hi, I'm trying to configure vlans in a network with more than one router but I'm missing something. Is there someone that could help me?


      Attached you can see the network I'm working on. Here the setup and configuration:


      a0,a1,a2,a3  are on vlan 2

      b0,b1  are on vlan 3


      from a0 I can ping a1 and b0  but I'm not able to ping a2, a3,b1 (and viceversa).


      On both Routers I configured:

      interface FastEthernet0/0   (interface connected with switch) (ip)

      interface FastEthernet0/0.1   (ip+encapsulation dot1q 1)

      interface FastEthernet0/0.2   (ip+encapsulation dot1q 2)

      interface FastEthernet0/0.3   (ip+encapsulation dot1q 3)

      router rip   (Pc network)


      On Pc I configured:

      ip address

      gateway (ip address of logical interface on router)


      On both Switch I configured:

      switchport access vlan xxx  (on physical interfaces where Pcs are connected to)

      switchport mode trunk  (on physical interface where Router is connected to)



      What else should I configure on the two routers to allow Pcs on left lan to ping Pcs on right lan? At the moment, router Napoli sees ip address of Pc a3 directly connected via FastEthernet0/0.2.


      Thank you!