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    Please recommended best path!


      Hi everybody so fresh on this forums, I just had my CCNA completed after hardwork and lots of  home self practical lab setup environment with real cisco devices plus gns3, and still looking for an opportunity  for any network positions I don't mind for any junior or entry level. I know how it sounds to be no experience on real office or production network.  Frankly I am not new to networking I used to work as desktop support for many years and also familiar with microsoft server administration a little bit and networking equipment with different third party vendors like netgear, sonicwall, linksys, dlink and other wired or wireless.  For CISCO networking not much or close to none although recently  I was a contractor as short term wireless tech for one month to configure and prime bunch of cisco light weight wireless AP, working and using  3 wireless controllers within GUI interface only  this was  a part of wireless unified communication deployment on all branches around the country and I would say I learned alot as I work side by side by network engineers.


      After that I just got Part time as network tech for two monts on/off situtation  wherein usually installing network cabling and network devices but not CISCO.


      So finally to end this, do you think worth preparing CCNP R/S  to increase chances of getting a job and an interview? Right now  while searching I never stop working on my lab using GNS3, vmware, and real cisco routers and switches interconnected them together through the cloud with all the advanced topics and scenarios on CCNP objectives beyond CCNA.



      Thank you for your time and patience to read this.