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    Passed my CCENT!!!!  FIRST TRY!!!


      Well my overall score was (EDIT: not allowed to say).  Of course on the little print out it gives you a notice that it says it may not be the official grade and that I have to check back within 72 hours or whatever.  I will be mad if I somehow did not pass it!


      Anyways here is my tips.

      I read through the CISCO Press Book by Wendell Odem.  I reviewd the practice questions (in the book and the Bosom exam) until I received over a 90% each time I took the test.  A lot of people say they were pressed for time on the exam but I did not feel this was the case for me.  I finished the exam with 30 minutes left.  I did notice that there were some trouble shooting and questions that were not covered in the Cisco Press book.  One example is a simulation that asked me of a frame relay question along the lines of "frame-relay <ip address> <number>."  I had no idea and never even had heard of this command.  Here is how I figured it out:


      I ran the "show ?" and found a show frame-relay command and kept doing the ? until I figured out how to display the answer.  From here I figured out the question.  I believe cisco did not want me to know the command but tested my ability to understand how to find that without knowing.


      I learned to subnett very quickly and I realized that the exam did not have as many subnetting questions as I expected.  Compared to the Bosom Exam that comes with the book there are a lot more subnetting questions.  This does not exuse you from being able to subnet quickly i assure you.  Most of the topics were general questions on networking with a few simulation.  I found that some of the simulations did not let you configure but expected you to know how to find information for multiple choice questions.  In one simulation I was disable the show run command and asked a variety of questions.  This test your ability to be able to find the answer with other show commands.  One I was not sure of was finding the clock rate on the router without the show run command.


      I would also suggest taking the CompTIA Network+ test before this test as it helps prepare you for the OSI model and goes more in depth so you have a better understanding of this.


      Easy way to subnet: (figured this out studying)


      All you have to do is figure out how many bits you are stealing for the subnet.


      1 bit = 128 subnet

      2 bit - 192

      3 bit - 224

      4 bit - 240 and so on.


      In your head thing.  If i have 1 bit that is subnetted than my subnet will be 128 (or subnet 0 of course).  Then 2 just split it in half so if there is 2 subnet bits being used than your subnets will be 64 or 128 ect ect.  Every time you basically are cutting your subnets in half until you have no more subnets.  This is easy to do in your head


      So if you have a

      /27 than you think to yourself.  I am using 3 subnet bits.  So 128 is one, 64 is two and 32 is three.  Count down like that it help.  It helps if you know your class addresses so you can recognize what the default subnet masks are.