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    I Can Not Purchase My CCNA Certificate


      Hi everyone ,, i really have an issue when i try to purchase ccna certificate ,, i've tried different Visa Cards but still getting "An Error Occured: NOTE: Credit card payment issues" and when i open a case their reply are always saying " we removed the block ... "..and again when try to purchase getting nothing and after two attempts they block the page so what to do guys ,, thanx in advance

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          Rigo - Community Moderator

          Hi abdulaziz,


          During a certificate purchase, if a candidate enters invalid credit card information 2 times, then a credit card block will be imposed (for security purposes) that will prevent further purchase attempts. Please refer to the following FAQ here.


          The Certification & Communities Online Support team (www.cisco.com/go/certsupport) should be able to investigate further and remove any current credit card blocks that you may have.




          Cisco Learning Network Moderator